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Join the Thinking Into Result Coaching program  with Alta Nel mindset and self-image coach at paradigm life coaching dubai
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Thinking Into Results


Create a quantum leap in performance! Up-level your lifestyle, grow your income, realize big dreams!

This 6-months coaching program guarantees tangible improvements in your life you never before thought possible!

The  Thinking into Results Coaching Program offers you R.R.L.:


This phenomenal program guides you to fully engage your mind. It helps you connect with your mind on the conscious and subconscious level in a practical, easy-to-understand way. This process ensures rapid results and massive transformation in only a couple of weeks. 

During the live coaching, the scientific techniques are explained to you thoroughly. These sessions serve you to master the art of achievement in a short amount of time.


While on the Thinking into Results program, you will discover how to use a spaced repetition technique to help you form a winner’s mindset and new habits that support your chosen goal instead of sabotaging it.

 You will see results almost immediately, but we spread the coaching over six months to give you the time to adjust to the new way of thinking and living. During these six months, your habits will become rock solid! 


During these six months, you will have achieved your worthy goal, or at least be well on your way to attain it. 

Far from being the end of the story, this is only the beginning! Internalizing the science of achievement will empower you to fulfil any dream, goal, or desire you have - for life!

Rinse. Improve. Repeat. The more you repeat the process, the better you will get at achieving even higher goals.


Included in the Coaching Program 

Lifelong access to the “Thinking into Results” digital program PLUS :

  • A digital textbook

  • Worksheets to help grow and expand to apply the material

  • 12 Informative MP3 & Videos

24 Live Group Mentoring Sessions 

Each Live Group Mentorship Session with Alta is between 60 - 90 minutes. The sessions aim to support and motivate you and provide answers to your questions.


FREE Access to a Like-minded Online Community

6-month access to an online community with other students on the program. Getting to know others who are also in the process of transformation is critical to your success.



The mentorship and online community encourage students to keep at it and push through when they hit resistance from an old paradigm that doesn’t want to shift. The team support, acceptance, and encouragement this program offers are what give it its edge.


Mastermind Opportunities

Mastermind sessions with other students from other walks of life may open your eyes to look at your process uniquely and refreshingly.

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