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Join The Metamorhosis System Coaching program with Alta Nel mindset and self-image coach at paradigm life coaching dubai
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The Metamorphosis  System


3-months online coaching to heal and transform your life!

Create a tremendous inner transformation by participating in this 3-month online live coaching program.

Fed up with the struggle to fill your pipeline with ideal prospects, hungry to work with you? Are you eager to finally benefit from the thousands of $ paid for online courses that taught you strategies and tactics to draw your ideal customer toward you? You are in the right place! 

It is time to: 

  • tap into the real YOU, 

  • discover the immense power of your mind, and 

  • step into your greatness! 


The Metamorphosis System is top-rated among those who wish to go all in and create a life of financial and geographical freedom to spend quality time with their family and friends.


The Metamorphosis System holds the key to your transformation, success, and prosperity as it empowers you to shift your identity from being a struggling, wanna-be entrepreneur to that of a thriving CEO who manages a vibrant, enthusiastic team while making a difference in the world!  
The Metamorphosis System also serves individuals who experienced emotional trauma, rejection, neglect, and loss to thrive and create a new self-image, build self-confidence, discover their purpose, and connect with a dream they wish to pursue.

If you desire a new life, the Metamorphosis System is the fastest way to transform your circumstances. 

Included in the Coaching Program 

Lifelong access to the "The Metamorphosis System" digital program PLUS :

  •  A digital workbook

  • 12 Live Mentoring Sessions - one meeting per week 

  •  6 Modules containing informative audio & videos content


Each Live Mentoring Session with Alta is between 60 - 90 minutes. 

The sessions aim to support and motivate you and provide answers to your questions.

The mindset tools and information coupled with applying the information to create a transformation are life-altering and tools you can use for the rest of your life!

This system takes you from zero to hero in 3 short months if you are committed to doing the work!


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