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You are Free to Choose Success and Abundance!

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Have you ever decided to become successful? And I mean, deliberately decided to become great at your labor of choice? Today I present you the opportunity to choose what you want to manifest!

Hi there, I am Alta Nel. I'm on a mission to help everyone READY for it, move from limitation to transformation, choose riches above lack, success above hardship, and mindfulness above chaos. I work with committed individuals who desire to embrace their power, improve their self-image, revitalize their relationships, break negative repetitive patterns, grow their income, and ultimately transform their lives. Do you often experience fear, doubt, worry, lack, and frustration? Of course, we ALL do - you may reply! But, the answer is NO, NOT everyone does! Only 98% of people accept Fear, doubt, lack, and limitation as a natural part of life, but 2% of the population, don't! I once read the Scottish-American billionaire and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who shared his extraordinary human achievement philosophy with everyone interested in the subject. He believed each human being receives two envelopes at birth. He said the one envelope is RICHES and the other PENALTIES. Envelope 1 contains:

  • Health

  • Peace

  • The freedom to do a job that you LOVE

  • Freedom from Fear and worry

  • A positive attitude

  • Material riches of your own choice and quantity

Envelope 2 contains:

  • Fear and worry

  • Poor health

  • Indecision and doubt

  • Frustration and discouragement

  • Poverty and want

  • As well as envy, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred, and superstition.

As I see it, 98% of the population lives by the contents of envelope 2! Just think how many people you know are sick, unhappy, are jealous or greedy, or cannot make decisions and are not living the lives they wanted! Just think! How many people do you know who do NOT live in the house of their dreams or drive the car they would love to own! Instead, most people settle for what they can afford! How about you? Are you currently living in fear, doubt, and worry? Are you living in your dream home, driving your dream car? Which envelope did YOU open so far in your life? I remember a time when I was living from the fruit of envelope 2! I used to live in constant fear of survival! You see, my husband lost his job three times in 10 years, and I assure you it was not fun! In later years, I entertained and tolerated the Fear of Failure and Fear of success so intensely that I shoved my life dream aside to avoid facing my fears! Think about it! I used to cherish the Fear from envelope 2, above the Promise held by envelope 1. It doesn't make sense. Why would one sabotage one's success by holding onto the familiar fear instead of embracing the unfamiliar success!? While I entertained the content of envelope 2, I hardly ever made important decisions. For most of my married life, I shifted that responsibility to my hubby. You see, I was a stay-at-home mom with a minuscule income for several years, and I allowed my feelings of unworthiness to dictate to me what rights I had and which I didn't have. As you can see, I was living by the contents of Envelope 2 of my own free will! When I understood my responsibility to choose the correct envelope, things started to improve rapidly! I personally discovered how choosing the contents of envelope 1 transformed my real estate results! Within two weeks of taking deliberate control of my mind and mental attitude, my real estate sales skyrocketed. Within 3 months, I 3X my sales in the last quarter compared to my average quarterly sales in the previous 3 quarters. The secret? The secret lies in your willingness to give yourself a command and to follow it. You see, you have freedom of choice! You may choose to be slothful and continue your mental laziness and eat the fruit your comfort zone offers, OR You may decide to control your mind and eat the fruit of a mind placed under your control. The contents of envelope 1 work for everyone who commits to it. Those who are ready for a shift shall be touched by this truth and act upon it immediately. Choosing to do the latter will undoubtedly require DEDICATION, growth in awareness, discipline, and learning how to THINK. But hey! It was George Bernard Shaw, who wrote: "Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think, and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think." Should you not choose to become part of the 2% group of people who actually think, instead of remaining in the 95% category of people who would rather die than think?


Today I hold before you two envelopes, One labeled opportunity, and the other labeled struggle. I invite you to choose the one labeled opportunity and to walk with me as we pursue the contents of Envelope 1. If you are ready to take hold of Envelope 1, you will jump at the opportunity to make contact with me. I would love to work alongside you on your dreams. DM me if you feel you are ready. We all have infinite potential! And I encourage you to deliberately choose success and the contents of envelope 1. I did, and it changed my life! For those who are unsure how to choose success, I shall place a link to a pdf in the description below. Download the document and complete the simple exercises stated in it. Do exactly what I tell you to do, and follow the instructions diligently. Today I presented you the OPPORTUNITY to CHOOSE success above struggle. If you are ready, you will grab it with both hands. FREE Report: How to Invite Success and Abundance into your Life If YOU want to transform your life and results, email Alta at if you want more information.

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