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Who burst your bubble?

Are you a creative person? Or do you regard yourself as so many other people as non-creative?

Imagination is everything! Who was it that burst YOUR imagination bubble? It is hard to talk about imagination without touching on the subject of creativity. I often hear people say they are not creative. Many wish they could be a little art to dance beautifully or paint a simple landscape. Some people think so low of their creativity that they say they can hardly draw a stick person! Are YOU one of them? :) You know, we are all born with six higher faculties of the mind, of which imagination is one! Therefore, you may think you are not creative, but you only have an underdeveloped or suppressed imagination. The fact is, we all are creative beings, and measuring our creativity against our ability to draw, paint, or design, is nothing but insufficient and wrong. You are a creative being. As humans, we are forever creating. We are all creators: day in and day out, we create our results either by default or deliberately and intentionally. Yes, you create your life with every thought you think, every emotion you feel, and every action you take! You have even created your own self-image from the material you absorbed from your environment, good and bad alike. You used the information presented to you to become the version of you; you are today. You also created your job, the amount of money in your bank account, and the relationships with your friends. So, if YOU want to improve YOUR world, you will HAVE to take up the brush of imagination and DELIBERATELY re-paint a life you love living in your dreams.

ther you're aware of it or not, you are CONSTANTLY tapped into the creative flow of the universe. Energy is flowing to and through you all day long. If you only knew HOW to work with it, you could transform your life in PHENOMENAL ways. Embrace it! I know you may still be stuck with the big, BUT you are not a creative objection! But hear me out. You ARE creative; you have to give yourself a chance! So please take a few deep breaths and let it flow-you can do it! Remember how, as a child, your imagination could run wild! For example, you could be playing under the giant oak tree in the backyard, but you pretended you were surviving somewhere in the Amazon! Later, you draped a red cape around your shoulders and pretended to be the superhero who saves the damsel in distress!

Do you remember how fast you could change the empty refrigerator box into a spaceship and the broomstick into a shiny, black stallion in the wild wild west? Yes, as a child, your imagination was free and limitless, and with it, you could have conquered the world! Sadly, we all had to grow up, and well-meaning friends, teachers, and adults thought it wise to bring us into reality by stifling our imagination and creativity.

You may recall how your parents or teachers told you to quit daydreaming and to pay attention! They may even have said if you would continue walking with your head in the clouds, you will NEVER become the lawyer, singer, entrepreneur, or whatever it was you longed to become – and how WRONG they were! But, unfortunately, because you were a child, you had to obey them and believe what they told you, although we now know they were NOT doing you a favor by forcing you to shackle your ability to dream as part of growing up. Thomas Cole once said: "If the imagination is shackled, and nothing is described but what we see, seldom will anything truly great be produced either in Painting or Poetry." My imagination was once shackled, and it kept me in bondage for years! In my case, it was not my parents who burst my bubble. It was my best friend at the time! I can still recall the day vividly! We were sitting under a tree when he told me that I was a DREAMER and that I had to wake up and realize, life is NOT as rosy as it seems through my rose-colored glasses!

His words SHOCKED me inside and out! I could not BELIEVE what I had heard him say! I never considered myself a DREAMER per se, but I DID view myself as a very creative being who EASILY manifested ANYTHING I put my mind to! Life was GOOD! Really, really good! I suppose it was the shock that I was a dreamer that sounded like something I did wrong that threw me right off my track. I was unconsciously very competent at creating fabulous results for myself up to then. However, I know it was his remark that burst my bubble so harshly that my life took a tumble for the worst for the next couple of years!!

I gave up my creativity, lost my desire to dream about my future, and my imagination was moved to the back seat of my life. But, I can assure you, it showed up in my results! It was not as easy to manifest what I desired within no time, and I slowly but surely lost confidence in myself. I became withdrawn and lost my feeling of self-worth in the wink of an eye. Only years later, I came into my own and revitalized my creativity and ability to dream BIG, just like I used to. Truly, imagination is everything! Do YOU know who bursts YOUR bubble? I invite you today to revitalize YOUR ability to dream as well if you haven't done so by now! You NEED to utilize your creative power if you want exceptional results! I have seen it time and time again. You see, Life divinely guides you at all times, and Life is perfect. It makes no mistakes. When you have a strong desire to express or create something, know that the feeling is divine discontent. The divine IN you desires fuller expression and wants to grow. NEVER say or think you're too old for anything. I have clients in their 70's who are setting goals that stretch them all the time. They love learning and doing things they never did in their lives! And you know what? They almost always achieve each goal! Take a tip from your YOUNGER self, the one who turned a broomstick into a stallion and a box into a spaceship! First, build an image of how you want to live. Then, act like the person you want to become. As a child, you'll be surprised and delighted by what happens! Have a blessed day! Alta

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