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What do you really want?

What do you really, really want? If you could have anything you want on a silver platter, what would it be? In this post, I will share a straightforward exercise to help you identify what you truly desire.

Are you living a fulfilled life at the moment? Would you say you are thriving or surviving? Do you actually go after what you want, or is your deepest desire a mere hope or wish, a fantasy – one you believe is not meant to be?

If you are a soulful entrepreneur, network marketer, a business owner who dreams of smashing juicy goals without losing your soul, I want you to listen up! You can be outrageously successful while honoring your path.

How to live a life you love

As an empathic individual, you may also dream big and desire greatness, desire a more significant income, and greater freedom. However, just because you live a soulful life doesn't mean you have to play it small.

Did you know, only 3% of the population live lives they love! Only 3 % of people live in their dream home, drive their dream car, and donate to their favorite charity. On the contrary, 97% of people do not know what they would love, let alone pursue what they desire! 97% of people live in homes they can afford, drive cars that get them from Point A to B, and seldomly give freely to people in need.

By the way, I don't think they don't know what they would love; I believe they reject the desire before it has time to settle in and cause them to take action! How do I know that? Been there and done that!

Do not feel ashamed if you don't know what you would love! So many of my clients struggle to answer the question: "What do you want," at first. It is pretty common to meet people who become desensitized about their wants and wishes, buried deep in the abyss of their psyche.

Why do most people stop pursuing their dreams?

Some people were born into prominent families who could barely make ends meet. Perhaps children received hand-me-down clothes and used toys growing up, as there was insufficient money available for luxuries. Such children's environment led them to deduct their parents are poor, and money doesn't grow on trees.

Other people learned to ignore their dreams when they were born into a wealthy household that promoted the idea of saving for a rainy day. As a result, they were programmed not to desire the flashy, blue bicycle or the three-tiered doll's house they spotted in the shop window.

Other people learn to ignore their wants and wishes when their family and relatives do not support their progress! For example, one of my clients received a stylish branded handbag as a birthday gift recently. However, when her sister visited and saw the bag, she demanded to borrow it and never returned it! This particular lady shared that she wilfully suppresses her desire to acquire what she would love, in case a jealous family member robs her of it!

Another client had to deal with her relatives, who judged her for her accomplishments. In her culture, the relatives expect top achievers to financially support the family at home for Life, while they don't endeavor to improve their own lives!

If repeated and left unaltered, ideas such as these become part of our programming and run us on autopilot unless we decide to change it.

Why I stopped dreaming

Growing up as a responsible middle child, I observed my eldest and youngest siblings "squandering" my parents' money, - well from my point of view as a young child, of course! So I learned to suppress my wants on my parents' behalf, although they never expected me to do so. Instead, I studied conscientiously and acquired bursaries to spare my parents the financial burden of high university tuition fees.

When I embarked on my journey of transformation and liberation, I had to overcome the limiting beliefs that held me hostage before I experienced lasting success and growth. I had to become sensitive and aware of my deepest desires and wants before taking the steps toward my goal. If you're going to experience true freedom and fulfillment, you may have to do the same!

So, which limiting beliefs are holding you hostage? We can fix that! But that is a discussion we can reserve for another day!

How to know what you really want

Let me share the simple yet powerful exercise you could do to determine what you really want!

  • Every morning when you wake up, take a clean page from your notepad and a pen and write down 10 things you would really love to be, do, have or give.

  • Allow the words to flow or float to you.

  • Please don't force it. If you can only think of one thing, that is OK. If you can't think of anything, that is fine too, as long as you allow yourself to think about it for a few minutes every day.

  • Keep at it! Pretty soon, one page will not suffice for all the things you hope to be, do, have, and give.

Please note, at first, it may feel difficult and uncomfortable to come up with things you really want. That is OK.

Remember, you probably buried your desires and dreams under a pile of limiting ideas. Allow it to surface! Keep at it! One day, out of the blue, a stream of Life will break through the rock and flood your mind with everything you ever hoped and wished for!

In time, one idea, dream, or desire will jump off the page, and that would be the one you should pursue first!


In conclusion, there IS a dream that wants to fulfill itself through you! To find out what the goal is, you have to allow the purpose to surface and grow in your heart. Then, as

you enable its fire to grow in intensity, the information on how to realize the dream will float toward you.

For now, stop rejecting the phenomenal ideas that come to you. Instead, hold onto them, nurture them. There IS a dream that wants to use….you!

Don't forget to let me know what in the world I can do for you today!


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