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Tackle the Fear Barrier: Valuable information for businesswomen and fempreneurs

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As businesswomen or fempreneurs, we often limit ourselves by holding on to self-limiting beliefs. Externally, businesswomen seem to have it all together, but inwardly, it most often is not the case. No matter how profusely we deny it, but as businesswomen, we are still struggling to find our footing next to our male counterparts. Centuries of male domination and stigmas judging women who want to be more than homemakers and full-time mothers remain cemented in our subconscious minds. It may take another generation or two to uproot this conditioning from our conditioning. Yet, such programming affects every decision we make or refrain from making if we are ignorant of the power of such self-limiting conditioning. It was appropriate for young girls to play with dolls and learn needlework to prepare them for motherhood and homemakers in the years gone by - Not that it is a bad thing, I must add! However, too few women were encouraged to excel at mathematics, become engineers, business owners, or pilots. Many women still have to deal with a societally imposed stigma of being a bad wife or mother when they choose to be more, do more, and have more. The fear of being judged by their community limits their ability to reach and realize massive goals. The fear of failure and success runs many businesswomen on autopilot and profoundly limits their performance. Did you know, as humans, our subconscious programming determines 95% of what we do, and only 5% of our success depends on our strategy? If we as fempreneurs and businesswomen do not eradicate the old, limiting conditioning of what women could and should do with their lives, it will keep us stuck in a rut for generations to come! If we do not alter our conditioning, we shall remain stuck, no matter how hard we try to get ahead. The thing is, trying harder and harder could perhaps bring a temporary change to your results, but unless you upgrade your programming, you will soon be back at square one. Businesswomen and fempreneurs may have fires in their bellies to achieve great heights, and rightfully so! However, many women struggle with fear and doubt when ready to make essential business decisions. Women are easily overwhelmed by guilt and questions such as: · "What if I fail, and this doesn't work out? " · "How will my traveling schedule affect my children?" · "How will my partner feel when they have to handle the household from now on?" · "What will my community say if I pursue my dream despite having young children?" Sadly, in most instances, fear keeps fempreneurs in bondage and causes them to fall back into old programming, believing they are better off being homemakers and mothers. So the question to ask is, why can't you be both? Why did society make us think that we can't be great mothers and superb businesswomen simultaneously? Fear creates an invisible in front of people as soon as they are ready to leave their familiar comfort zone, and if they don't know how to deal with this terror barrier, they bounce right off it back into the ordinary.

Terror barriers often show up when we are eager to pursue a new position, launch a new business, do something we have never done before, or expand our current services. I often guide the businesswomen and entrepreneurs I work with to understand, if they want to achieve a specific goal of doing something they never did before, they will have to set out to grow. They will have to become the person who has achieved that goal! The golden ticket that gets you to the other side of the terror barrier is growth accompanied by discomfort. There is NO other way around it. Sorry. The good news is, the grass IS greener on the other side! :) I offer a 24-week elite, transformational coaching program called "Thinking into Results" that addresses what we discussed in this post. Countless businesswomen have successfully used this coaching program, created by Bob Proctor, to transform their personal and professional lives effectively. Feel free to reach out to me if you are serious about your growth and success. Sure, society will come around and celebrate women for the value they add to companies. That would surely make it easier for the next generation of businesswomen who follow closely in our footsteps. However, why not actively alter YOUR conditioning now and enjoy the fruit of your efforts, here and now?

Why don't you go after the big fish? You can do it, you know.

Become the frontrunner in your family who placed women in your tribe in perfect harmony with their true power.


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