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Ready to hang up your hustling gloves?

Are you ready to hang up your gloves? Are you starting to take your foot off the gas as the last days of 2021 run out? Don't do that! Don't do what everyone else does! Always follow the road less traveled!

Hi there! I am Alta Nel, a hi-performance mentor who helps entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, or business owners stand out like red lipstick by using their marvelous minds.

I get it. We are all tired of the 2021 hustle, and we look forward to slowing down and taking a breather before the New Year, BUT hanging out the gloves to dry 4 weeks before year-end, is just WRONG!

If you wanna stand out like red lipstick and become a master in your lane, you better keep going- as long as possible, well, at least in SOME shape or form! In sports, the extra effort exerted in the final seconds wins the game! In business, it works the same, yet we have the habit of slowing down, and before we know it, we find ourselves in the first quarter of the new year!

The net effect of hanging up our business gloves too early is, we lose momentum, and when January comes, we must start all over!

Viewing the last weeks of the year as a throwaway time is nothing but a poor HABIT! School and our culture programmed us over years and years that we should wind down slowly but surely as the year comes to an end. Sure, hi-performing entrepreneurs and their teams need rest and should spend time with their loved ones, but what if they could plan their year-end better?

What if creating a new habit around the holiday season could help you close another few deals while your competitors are slowing down?

Now, I don't mean you should pitch customers on Christmas day. Still, hi-performing business owners don't have to treat the week between Christmas and New Year's as dead time. You might be surprised to find that other people are around and are looking to do business! I did some of my most amazing business on the 24th and 25th of December, several times before! Customers are more relaxed this time of year and are generally more open to connecting and getting you on their calendar for January.

As a business owner, you should use this holiday season to nurture your potential customers. I am sure you know how much work it requires to fill a pipeline! Prospecting potential clients over the 30-day holiday period would pay off in the next 90 days! That means, if your team halts all outreach activities in December, you will feel the pinch in your pipeline by March next year!

T'is is the season to express gratitude for your customers' ongoing support. Send them vouchers and gifts, take them out to lunch and build a meaningful personal connection with them.

You see, 98% of people are currently winding down, relieved that they made it until year-end! The masses are ready to let their hair down and will only start thinking about the new year, around the 30th of December!

But you, as an aspiring high-performing entrepreneur, should use this time to ditch your current holiday mindset that lures you to wind down and take it easy! Instead, use the time to re-program your subconscious mind pronto! If you neglect to update your paradigm regarding the holiday season and December sales, you will not make any sales and decide to close your business earlier next year! Therefore, updating your sales and performance paradigm will make a humongous difference on your bottom line!

I DARE you to reach out to me! Invest in yourself and watch how your results will skyrocket! The material I teach is proven to be the best in the world! It turns lives and businesses around!

Don't hang up your hustling gloves yet! Instead, give this year a few more meaningful punches- you will thank me later!

Why not turn your Impossible into I'mPossible starting today?

Drop 'ME' in the comments if you want me to reach out to you.

Have a blessed day!

I am Alta Nel

Remember, you are amazing!

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