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My Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

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Are you silently hoping, wishing, and dreaming to improve your quality of life? Do you often wonder how you can improve the quality of your life when you are stuck in circumstances with no apparent escape route?

Today, I will share 5 tips you can use today to get you started!

However, before I get into the 5 Tips, I think it is essential to understand what quality of life is and what factors it includes so you can know what to address if you want to improve the quality of your life.

What is Quality of Life?

The Oxford dictionary defines the quality of life as: "The standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group."

According to the World Health Organization, factors that play a role in quality of life include financial security, job satisfaction, family life, physical and mental health, education, leisure time, social belonging, safety, and freedom.

So, from this definition, it is clear that improving your quality of life includes an array of interdependent factors; however, all these factors are linked to your financial situation. Therefore, if you want to enjoy more freedom, security, health, and leisure, you need more MONEY!

If your first reaction is,

"Yes, I want these things, but I don't have money!"

you must pay close attention because I know that once something requires money, you tend to reject it straight away and give up on your dream! I want you to hang in there this time because you CAN change your financial results! And you CAN improve your quality of life!

What does it take to improve your Quality of Life?

Sadly, talking about money, whether the lack thereof or the abundance of it, remains taboo. So often, communities raise people to believe that 'money-matters' are private, and should never be discussed openly. But then, when our bottom line rapidly declines, we do not know who to turn to or what else we could do besides giving up or hoping and wishing that things will get better soon.

The truth is, your ability to improve your life's quality largely depends on your ability and effort to resolve your money problems. But how can you do it?

The 5 tips I am about to share would be a good start! So, if you set out to diligently work on these tips starting today, your situation will begin to shift in no time! But then you've GOT to do what I suggest!

Sure, not all situations can change overnight, and money will NOT fall from the sky! But, I have seen it over and over again, that once people discipline themselves, and actively use these tips, their lives improve in SOME way, in a matter of days!

A friend of mine experienced challenging circumstances in her online business and felt overwhelmed, depressed, and stressed at the time as her sales were too low. However, her situation shifted rapidly when she applied these tips, even though she doubted her situation could improve!

The thing is, you CAN get your money matters sorted IF you apply your MIND to it! Then, you CAN snap out of worry and self-doubt and do the work to restore your relationships, double or triple your income, and expand your business or whatever is necessary to improve your quality of life.

So pay attention, take notes, pause, and play the video so the information can stick and help you. Remember, information ALONE can NOT change your life! The application of knowledge does!

We are talking about how you can improve your quality of life, and here are my 5 tips as promised.

#1 Determine WHY you want to improve your quality of life

You must know WHY you want to improve your quality of life. Understanding the WHY and WHAT you hoped to experience once you improved your lifestyle and transformed your circumstances, will be the POWER that spurs you to do the work necessary to make your new lifestyle a reality!

It is not only the poor who needs to know WHY they want a better life! The super-wealthy also need to be clear on their reason for creating a new business or an additional income flow! If they don't, they will bail out long before achieving their transformational goals.

#2 Don't ask IF you can afford it; ask HOW you can afford it!

Another friend of mine recently walked through a mall filled with beautiful goodies. He told me he had so little money that he couldn't bare looking at the gorgeous items on display! I told him the same I am telling YOU now! Do not kill your dream! Enjoy looking at the things, but instead of repeating to yourself that you can't afford them, ask yourself HOW you can afford them. Then start listening! And you know what, he listened and heard! He is now doing exactly what he needed to do, to afford the things he craved.

#3 Monitor your inner conversations and catch yourself in the act

We talk to ourselves all day long! Our inner chatter NEVER stops! But I urge you to stop and hear what you are repeating to yourself! If you are like most people, you probably constantly remind yourself how broke you are, how depressed, how alone, and how hopeless your situation is. Stop doing it! Catch yourself in the act and replace those negative ideas with ideas about your exciting new lifestyle, how lucky you are, and how perfect your life is. Do it and watch what happens! Your reality will shift in a matter of days IF you commit to following my advice.

#4 Decision

Take a sheet of paper and write a decision statement on it and read your statement to yourself several times per day. You can download this pdf to help you with this. So, you see, there is immense power in a decision made. If you do not DECIDE to commit to improving your quality of life, you never will. By writing it on a paper and reading it to yourself several times a day, you remind yourself of the commitment you made, and ideas on what you can do will flow to you as water flows to the ocean!

#5 Join a study group with people on a similar journey

Embarking on a journey to up-level your life is exciting but may also be daunting if you do it all by yourself. Therefore, it would be helpful, if you could join a group of people on a similar journey as yourself. You may find such groups online or in your community. One such FREE group you could join is the 'Manifestation and Mindset Matters' group on Facebook. Do take the time to join the group before life happens, and you lose this opportunity!


Will it take guts and grit to improve your quality of life? Sure, it will. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Successful people who enjoy quality of life, such as freedom, financial security, job satisfaction, a great family life, physical and mental health, etc., do the things most people hate doing. To do more things they like, they are willing to do things they dislike if it gets them where they want to be.

So, if YOU want to improve your life, these 5 tips will help you take the first steps toward a more fulfilling life. But you must take action! You gotta do the work, and the work will create the change you desire.

I am Alta Nel.

Blessings to you!

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