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My Top 3 Steps To Reset Your Mind After The Pandemic

Over two years ago, no one could have predicted that the world could change so rapidly! Then, in the blink of an eye, a pandemic swept across our planet and interrupted the status quo for every living person on earth.

So, today, I wanted to check on you to see if you needed a mental adjustment to quiet anxiety and build a more positive and focused mind.

If you want to put the wind back in your sails so you can start moving in the direction of your dreams again, the first thing to do is stop getting emotionally involved with bad or negative news. I say that because your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between real and imagined.

Suppose you continuously bombard your mind to imagine things you don’t want, such as losing your home, getting sick, losing your job, or not earning enough money. In that case, your subconscious mind accepts that information as an accurate reflection of your reality and immediately responds by creating more of the same for you!

You see, your subconscious mind can only accept what you give to it. So, instead of focusing on negative news, your current dire circumstances, or other people’s opinions about the future, start thinking your own thoughts!

Listen, as God’s highest form of creation, we have the ability to actively accept or reject the ideas flowing into our conscious minds. So, if any negative information flows in, we can tell it to “get out of here!" as we don’t want it.

But did you know? Ninety-plus people out of a hundred never do that. 90% of people don’t know they can! Sadly, instead of telling negative ideas to go away, 90% of people leave their subconscious minds wide open and allow whatever is going on around them, right into it!

Now, please note, the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real or imagined, so it acts on anything we fail to reject and get emotionally involved with.

Why do most people live their lives this way? Because we were all programmed not to think about these things!

People would instantly stop entertaining negative news and bad politics if they were indeed thinking! If people were thinking, they would quit scrolling their phones for hours and quit doing the same things repeatedly, expecting different results. If people were thinking, they would get involved in studying good books and turning their attention to improving their self-image as it determines their ability to earn money!

So, how can YOU reset your mind?

Begin by asking yourself:

“What do I really, really want?”

Then, start thinking about how you want to feel each day and how you want to live your life. Don’t think about it based on what you’re comfortable with or what you think you can do. Instead, think from your soul, your innermost being. Allow your wishes and dreams to float to you and make a list of all the incredible things that surface. Then, pick the most exciting one and set it as your goal.

Why do all this?

Robert Heinlein said,

“in the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until we ultimately become enslaved by it.”

You do it because if you want to rise above your current circumstances and the news, you need an exciting goal! If your goal excites you enough, you’ll be loyal to your goal, and it will urge and pull you upward and push you forward until you accomplish it.

Once you have a clearly-defined goal in mind, you will be ready to hit the reset button!

You can reset your mindset by taking control over your mind and being very picky about what you allow into your mind.

You see, you can be in charge of yourself! You should be in control of yourself! You are entirely responsible for your thoughts and what you allow to enter your subconscious mind!

You don’t have to keep thinking the same old thoughts you thought the last 30 odd years! Instead, you can originate new thoughts, different thoughts, and through controlled self-talk, you can tell your mind anything you want it to believe and accept!

Start telling your mind a new story by doing the following three things:

1. There are only two ways to impress an idea into your subconscious mind. One is with a sudden impact; the other is with constant, spaced repetition. Using repetition, repeat this affirmation every day for the next three weeks:

“I willingly release the thoughts and things that clutter my mind, and I allow spirit to work through me and express itself in a far more excellent way. I recognize that my results and being are not the same, and I reaffirm that I am a creative person. I go forward in a spirit of expectation and understand that I cannot know all of what the universe has in store for me, therefore I choose to remain open to all things. However, I am so happy and grateful now that the good I desire is worthy of me. Consequently, I move forward with the joyful expectation that I will achieve my goal.”

2. Every time you look in the mirror, stop looking at yourself as only the physical body you see in the mirror and start seeing and thinking of yourself as the spiritual being you are.

You have perfection inside you. Your spiritual DNA is perfect! And sometimes, if you listen closely, that perfection shines into your consciousness as a want or desire. When it does, take note of it! Your wants flow from your heart which is your spiritual center. Understand, that an urge to be, do, or have more is spirit wanting to work through you to express itself in a more significant way.

3. Take a look at your habitual behavior. Then, pick one habit that is not serving you, and decide to change it. Trying to change too many things at once won’t work. So, pick one so you can focus on altering it completely.

These may seem like simple steps to reset your mind after you got stuck in the trauma, confusion, and discomfort the pandemic delivered, but they are powerful steps that can change your life! Take these steps daily. Actively implement them. Use them, and soon you will worry less and have created a positive and goal-focused mind.

I am Alta Nel.

Blessings to you!

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