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My Top 3 Reasons Why People Don't Stick to Their Goals

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Are you already hoping, wishing, and dreaming of doing better, NEXT year? Are you ready to write this year off as wasted, planning to crush it next year?

Here are My Top 3 reasons why I believe people quit their goals, and what you can do about it!

The other day someone told me that she is not planning to continue pitching her product to potential clients for the remainder of the year. She also told me she failed to make her sales target, but she reckons it's not worth it to pursue it this year, as people will start planning their holidays soon and instead spend their money on gifts.

I was amazed at her reasoning! But, still, she is NOT the only one! one out of two people who set a goal, abandons the goal way before the year ends!

Sadly, many of those who gave up on their goals, end up loathing themselves for quitting, no matter how convincing their excuses were.

Instead, they beat themselves up for being unable to follow through, and until they understand what's really going on, they continuously fall short of their goals.////

You see, once you understand the real reason why you tend to abandon your goals, you'll know how to overcome it.

So, here are my Top 3 underlying reasons why you may find it challenging to STICK with your goals.

Reason 1: Not Believing in Yourself

You are God's highest form of creation. If you pause for just a few moments, I think you'll recognize that it's true.

Think about it. You can use your thoughts to create almost anything you seriously want. No other creature on earth can do that! You can even use your imagination to create something that has never existed before!

And, you can break performance records, write best-selling books, live in the house of your dreams, build homes and schools for families and children in need, and earn more money than you can spend!

You can have whatever you want! But you MUST believe in yourself, to get it!

Why are you in the habit of NOT believing in yourself? The truth is, it is NOT your fault!

You see, every one of us has been environmentally and genetically programmed! We subconsciously hold onto beliefs that made sense a long time ago, but today, they are redundant as we live in a different world. Therefore, to change our behavior, we MUST upgrade our identity and beliefs.

Leland Val Van de Wall once said, "Our belief system is based upon our evaluation of something, and frequently if we re-evaluate a situation, our belief about that situation will change."

So, if you don't believe you can achieve your goal, you must re-evaluate some things: You should re-evaluate who you are. Re-evaluate why you do what you do. Re-evaluate what makes you tick. Re-evaluate your recurring thoughts, feelings, and behavior. And, re-evaluate your Self Talk!

belief is a prerequisite to accomplishing ANYTHING worthwhile. It doesn't matter how much you wish you could reach a goal or how hard you work at it. If you don't believe you can do something, you will not succeed.

The good news is, we can alter our programming, identity, and beliefs!

Reason 2: You do NOT want it badly enough!

If you are in the habit of abandoning your goals, it might be because your goal BORES you!

That's right! When your goal doesn't excite you, you will find it easy to make excuses for not actively working toward it! If your goal is not exciting enough, you will fail to put effort into achieving it!

So, even if it IS something you know you must do, or have, accomplishing, it may NOT be exhilarating enough, because it just doesn't matter, enough!

Instead of setting uninspiring, and boring goals, that you think you can achieve with just a bit more effort, permit yourself to dream bigger!

Just by the way, a goal of wanting to settle your debts is a boring goal! it hardly has the power to move you out of bed in the morning! furthermore, once you settled your debt, you still won't have anything to celebrate or enjoy!

So instead, growing your business because your goal is to move to Barbados, to live an island lifestyle, would be a better goal! sure, you will settle your debt in due course, but having debt clearing as your primary goal has zero magic in it!

Therefore, close your eyes and allow yourself to dream and imagine what you would really, really like to be, do or have next year.

Then, pick one idea as your goal —something you want, not just something you need.

For example, suppose you needed a car. In that case, you will purchase any old rust bucket that gets you from point A to B! But, when you aim to buy the vehicle you desire, you will be excited about choosing its color, engine specifications, and bells and whistles that come with it! when your goal is to acquire the vehicle of your dreams, you will have so much energy to do whatever it takes to get it!

You see, there's absolutely no inspiration in aspiring only to cover your needs! and yes, you can decide what you want today; you do not have to wait until your next new year's resolution to set your new goal.

Reason 3: People set new goals while holding on to OLD mindsets

Many people struggle to reach their goals because they set a goal without changing how they think, feel and act.

For example, a salesperson with low sales may set a high-income goal, but somehow, he always quits his goal, before accomplishing it! and there is always a good excuse for it!

Likewise, a person may set a goal to spend less money on shoes. So, they stop buying new shoes for a month or two. But, then, life happens, and before they know it they find themselves back in their old habit and their favorite shoe boutique, buying another pair they really don't need.

Why is it?

People may desperately try changing their behavior and results; however, their results are and will continue to be determined, by their actions, which are always motivated by their mindset and identity.

'Unseen enemies' stop well-meaning people in their tracks, because they do not understand that their mindset and identity, are the actual causes of their results.

So, what can you do about it?

When you set your next goal, follow these 5 easy steps to shift your mindset and identity and align it with your goal:

1. Hold an image in your mind of a goal that truly inspires you

2. Determine the mindset and identity you need to achieve your goal

3. Invest in your personal development by hiring a mindset coach if you are committed to achieving your goal! No one can do this on their own!

4. Change your self-talk.

5. Push past your discomfort and create and stick to a habit that will move you closer to your goal and the lifestyle you desire.

To help you re-evaluate your situation, here is a link to a worksheet you can use to prepare yourself for setting your next goal.

And please remember, you do not have to wait until the 1st of January to set your new juicy goal! You may set a goal at any time of the year!

Well, this is all from me for now.

Blessings to you all!

I am Alta Nel.

And remember you are AMAZING!

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