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Live from the inside out! The only way to change your results.

We are often confused and frustrated after we endeavored so diligently to change a particular habit or behavior for weeks on end on our journey of growth and awakening. We deprived ourselves day in and day out, resisting every temptation of our old pleasures, just to discover how easy it is to turn back to the comforts of those old habits. When confronted by the first sense of resistance or the slightest hick-up, we tend to end up exactly where we started out, despite our best initial intentions and sincere efforts to change. Isn't it just like being on a treadmill - going nowhere fast? Two worlds To end this going-nowhere-fast pattern, we need to understand the following: we are all living in 2 worlds! Yes, you read it correctly, TWO worlds, namely an outer world and an inner world, and these two worlds are connected. If we want to grow and create permanent change in our behavior, we need to understand the difference between these two worlds: Outer World We all are conditioned from an early age to interpret our outer world through our 5 senses. We interpret and react to our environment from what we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. We also use our 5 senses to determine whether we are intelligent enough, attractive enough, good enough to be successful, wealthy, or healthy or not. For instance, when we see a child's report card that reflects a poor math mark, we deduct from the card the child is not good in math and perhaps not that intelligent. Likewise, a girl not invited to the prom may read in it that she is less desirable than her friends and that nobody will appreciate and love her. How we respond to these situations could lead to years of suffering, denial, or failure.

If we pay attention to and react to our outer world's results, we allow those outer results to dictate our perception of self-worth. If we continue on this path long-term, we continue to recreate more of the same undesirable results in our lives, embedding and firmly cementing the exact pattern that we created. Inner World Our inner worlds are consists of our thoughts in our conscious mind, self-image, and feelings or emotions in our subconscious minds. These feelings /emotions determine our overall vibration and state of being. Our vibration is what drives us to take any and all actions that ultimately determine our results. Fun fact

Did you know? There is no fear, worry, anxiety, happiness, confidence, etc. to be found in our outer world. Happiness, bitterness, anxiety, fulfillment, confidence, self-worth, etc. belong solely to our inner world. Whether these feelings in our inner world are positive or negative does not matter at all! We can freely choose what those inner feelings and thoughts should be! And so, it is also irrelevant if we cling unknowingly to truths or lies - for us, both are real if we believe them. If we predominantly think negative thoughts and therefore harbor negative feelings, our results in the outer world will reflect just that in our outer world. If, on the other hand, those thoughts are positive and vibrant, the results in our outer world will also mirror exactly that. If we harbor a good self-image, peace, forgiveness, and faith in our abilities and worth, these will show up in our results too! This will create the success, wealth, and abundance in our outer world that reflects the "good self-image, peace, forgiveness, and faith in our abilities and worth" of our inner world! Thus, if we crave happiness, confidence, worthiness, well-being, and more, we need to create those first in our inner world and not expect to experience those feelings only AFTER seeing them reflected in our outer world. In fact, if we see the results of our outer world are less than desirable, we need to change our inner world first and THEN watch the magic happen!

Reflection: Just for today, choose to live from the inside out. Make this choice every day, and you will be astonished at how your results in your outer world will improve. Have a blessed day! Alta

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