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Is your self-image helping you win, or is it keeping you stuck?

Is your self-image helping you win, or is it keeping you stuck? ⁠

Winning means different things to different people.

For some, winning means having a close-knit family and spending quality time together. To others, winning means using their gift to serve, teach and coach their clients across the globe, while being financially and geographically independent. To others, winning means traveling the world, while running an empire!

How do you define winning? What would you see, feel and experience when you were indeed winning? Ever thought about that? Ever imagined what doing what you love would feel like? Or are you ignoring your gift, pushing those ideas aside, settling for what you have, instead of stretching toward what would make you soar?

Do you consider yourself a winner? Are you actually winning or are you like me who always KNEW I was a winner but I was NOT winning at all? You may find it interesting that I am NOT referring to winning in the outer world, the visible world! I am referring to winning in your inner world! Are you doing what you love with your time? Are you using your gift and unique talent, to make a difference in the world?

I just got off a discovery call with a potential client, who has a burning desire to serve. But, unfortunately, she feels stuck. She is sad and depressed and sees no way out of her predicament. She is ready to give up!

She told me, she left her corporate job all starry-eyed, hoping to run an online business from the small town she resides in. But she has no idea how to move forward.

She has a DEEP desire to make a difference in the world, and although she implemented many of the most-known methodologies available online, she had no real success.

She invested in courses, listened to tons of webinars to learn the latest strategies, and put her heart and soul into her business. But unfortunately, the strategies seemed to work better for OTHERS than for her! As a result, she feels overwhelmed and desperate to clear the barriers withholding her good.

If I heard this scenario once, I heard it a hundred times!

I am sure you understand VERY WELL what my new friend was experiencing! If YOU are PASSIONATE about serving others but are still stuck in a 9-5, failing to see your side-hustle growing, I want you to take heart!

I remember a time when MY desire to serve people with love, understanding, and integrity, was a raging fire in my belly, one I could barely contain! I wanted to help people with all my heart! I knew I had so much to give, but nothing I tried, worked. It took me years to discover what I had to do to open the doors of opportunity! Also, I wasted so much time, because someone I trusted, advised me to WAIT before leaping into doing what I love!

I discovered the hard way: ALL the strategies won't grow a side-hustle or business unless you do this ONE thing! When I realized this and APPLIED the revelation, the GATES OF OPPORTUNITY flung open!

If you are a gifted employee or part-time or full-time business owner, with a heart to serve and you get what I am talking about, I want you to listen up.

THIS is what I told my friend on Zoom today. And this is PRECISELY what I did before unexpected doors and unexpected channels opened up for me.

Step 1

Get CLEAR on what you want. Do you really, really desire to use your gift to serve the world? Are you committed to doing what it takes to make it happen? Are you committed to creating a stress-free life, having time to enjoy your family, while making a massive impact?

Step 2

Write your decision in as much detail as possible on a sheet of paper, and

Step 3

The MOST IMPORTANT part of all is: Begin updating your INNER self-image ASAP!

As you may realize, we all have TWO self-images: an OUTER self-image that we project to the world, and an INNER self-image that really calls all the shots and determines our degree of success, income level, and the tribe we attract to our business. This means that 95% of our success does NOT depend on which strategy we follow! Self-image is everything!

Updating my inner self-image transformed my results within 2 weeks of working on it! Sure, I had a lot of work to do, and I am continuously updating it as my business expands and grows, but a MASSIVE SHIFT occurred when I transformed my inner self-image into a success image!

Will it help if YOU updated your inner self-image to attract your tribe and live your dream? Absolutely! The ONLY three reasons why it won't work for you are:

  1. Lack of focus,

  2. Lack of imagination, and

  3. Trying to do this on your own!!

In conclusion: You CAN live your dream. You are MEANT to share your gift and touch the lives of others. You are SUPPOSED to let your light shine! Only, get clear on WHAT YOU WANT and put it in writing. Then, pinpoint how you would feel once you can serve your tribe in a meaningful way, and then, I recommend you reach out to me to help you update your inner self-image into a success image!

I am Alta Nel, I help gifted aspiring business owners, with a burning desire to serve, coach, and teach their tribe, stand out like red-lipstick by updating their inner self-images and positioning themselves as the go-to experts in their fields.

Reach out to me if this message resonates with you and I or a member of my team will get in touch with you soonest. You CAN align yourself with your passion and live your purpose!

Also, remember to follow me on social media in the links below and also subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay informed with more powerful messages! I am here to help you win!

And remember, you are amazing!

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