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How to start changing your life

When last did you take a proper look at your life and results, and really took the time to think about where you ARE and where are you going?

When last did you tune out people's opinions, and peer pressure, to pause, really pause, and think about your life?

Can you genuinely say you are thrilled with your life, your relationships, your lifestyle, and your income?

So you want to change your life for the better! Great, you absolutely can! Go for it!

But where should you start? You should start at the very beginning; it is a perfect place to start!

Step 1:

The first step to begin improving your life is to pause and honestly consider your present situation: relationships, your income, your lifestyle, and your business or career success. Are you living an uncomplicated lifestyle, where you always have what you need and never experience stress about bills, other expenses, or unforeseen circumstances? Are you enjoying the freedoms of a stress-free life?

Likewise, consider your sales or income over the last 5 years. Did your income or revenue grow? Did it increase by 2%, 20%, or 200%? Or, did your income perhaps even decrease?

Are you reaching new heights, or do you find yourself regularly cutting back on luxuries so you can stay ahead of your financial responsibilities?

If you are NOT living comfortably at the moment, or your income has decreased or reached a plateau, you should pay attention - this is for you!

You realize not everyone is sliding backward financially at the moment, right? So do not trick yourself into believing "everyone is feeling the pinch!" It's only a comforting phrase for the masses, but it's just not true! Not everyone is feeling the pinch at all!

And if you thought such and used that belief as an excuse for not progressing, it may just be time to get up and take back control of your life!

Let me ask you this: what is the most you ever earned? Please think about it! Is it $60 000 per year? $80 000 per year? Or is it $30 000 a year? Ask yourself, are you living from paycheck to paycheck, or are you able to invest some of your money for retirement? Do you have some cash in reserve to pay for that annual family holiday?

Are you able to use your income to create more cash flow?

You see, ignorance about these matters is not bliss. Unless we take an honest look at where we are, we remain stuck and unable to do something about our dilemma!

Step 2:

If determining where you are is the first logical step to improving your life, the second step is deciding where you want to go. If you don't have a plan to move ahead in life, don't be surprised if you find yourself in exactly the same situation next year!

So, take a moment to imagine what you would love to earn if anything was possible!

Would you be comfortable and stress-free when you made $10 000 per month, $20 000 per month, or $100 000 per month? Impossible? Wait, I said just imagine anything is possible...

Let's just imagine what your life would look like if you earned such an income! It's clear - if you want to live a carefree life with less stress and anxiety, and the ability to weather unforeseen storms, you must improve your ability to earn money.

But how do you do that, you might ask!

Step 3:

Well, it is relatively simple: as strange as it may sound - all it takes is a firm and committed decision to earn more money! It sounds so simple and impossible, correct?

Think about it - you can create massive change in your life by making a simple decision, but if you are unwilling to make a decision, you will remain right where you are.

So, without a solid decision to grow your bottom line, nothing will change!

Years ago, I also had to consider where I was, face the chaos of truth, and get real with myself. My financial situation was horrid, and I had no long-term financial security! I also had to decide to change my life's direction!

So, I chose to follow a proven step-by-step process to improve my ability to earn money, and the change that took place was enormous! I saw my first positive results after only 2 weeks of making the decision! Impossible? Well, I have all the evidence to back it up!

It started with a clear intention, in writing, to change my financial future! You can also do it!

Would you please take a sheet of paper and write a decision statement on it, something like: "Today, I set the clear intention to improve my financial future to live an extraordinary stress-free life. I easily ride unpredictable storms and thrive no matter what curveball life throws at me. I embrace opportunities to grow my financial stability. I enjoy the goodness life has to offer with ease."

You are free to write your own statement but be sure to write it in the present tense.

Step 4:

The fourth step is discipline. After setting a clear intention to improve your life and finances, you require discipline to do what it takes to align with your existing good! Sadly, well-being does not fall from the sky! One of the things you must do daily is to read and repeat your decision statement aloud to yourself several times per day! And then also take action toward your goal.

This requires disciplining your mind, thoughts, and self-talk into expecting growth and the increase you desire! Remind yourself of your decision and commit to it. Without applying discipline, nothing will happen. Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and follow it!

I worked with many people over my 20 years as a life coach, healer, and teacher. I witnessed many people transform their lives! For example, learners in my classes went from failing grades to distinctions within a single quarter! I have seen so-called 'lazy' individuals de-labeling themselves, creating new self-images, and moving on to build stable businesses - doing what they love. I also saw people who were broke and broken, going as far as preparing to end their lives, experience complete transformations after deciding to turn their backs on their despair. Two particular individuals, I just heard from recently again, took back control of their lives, submitted to discipline, and went on healing their lives and businesses.

You see, it is not difficult to earn money. Most people just don't know how to earn money. If they were aware of how to earn more money, they would have! Sadly, money remains a taboo subject for most people. Most people ignore money and pretend not to love money, simply because they never have enough of it!

And it is not our fault! No one ever taught us how to really earn money growing up! It wasn't taught in schools! Certainly not in the schools I attended!

Step 5:

If you are committed to creating a life of security and ease, you must grow in awareness. The way you can earn the income you desire has always been here; you were just not aware of it! The money you need has your name on it! There is no shortage of money or opportunities! No one can take what is yours by divine right!

You need to grow your awareness to reach out and allow it to flow toward you, instead of going right past you! It is there waiting for you - you only need to get in harmony with it! Oh yes, and you must remember to ask for it, expecting to receive it!

Life is all about frequency and vibration! To get in harmony with anything you seek, including money, you should reside on the frequency where the cash flows. This may require updating your money paradigm. You see, if you only ever earned $50K per year, your money paradigm is set at $50K per year like a thermostat, and no amount of luck or hard work can ever change it. It may go up a little but then drop right down again. So if you want to grow your income above $50K per year, you must reprogram your money paradigm to allow the higher amount to flow into your life.

In conclusion:

If you are feeling a pinch and want to improve your life, you have got to increase your bottom line. Once you earn more money, you can afford the vacations, Afford to spoil your kids, and afford special celebrations of life!

You can do that by:

  1. Determining where you are at.

  2. Determining where you want to be.

  3. Setting a clear intention to go there, and

  4. Applying the necessary discipline

  5. To raise your awareness and reprogram your money paradigm.

Once your paradigm shifts to get in harmony with your decision, you will see opportunities coming your way that you can reach out and grasp. If you don't act on these opportunities they will pass you by, so be alert!

The process is that simple, however, it is not easy! I know you can do it, but most people usually need help doing so since it is not something they've done before.

I am Alta Nel, a high-performance mentor who helps soulful entrepreneurs, and individuals upgrade their awareness and effectiveness to stand out like red lipstick by using their marvelous minds.

If what I shared resonated with you, get in contact with me. Also, like and comment below.

Finally, my prayer is that the information I shared, served you in a mighty way and that you will go forth and apply it in your life and business!

Remember, you are amazing.

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