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How to outwit the #1 Success Suppressor

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Do YOU enjoy suffering? Are you more committed to your struggle than to your success? Are you more in love with your past than with your future? In this video, I will share 3 tips on how to outwit the #1 Success Suppressor. Do you enjoy suffering? Or are you actively hoping to get ahead in Life to land a dream job or one day have more time and freedom? If Success and Freedom are what you desire, you have to STOP doing this #1 Success Killing Practice today. I work alongside individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs to simplify their success path radically. As a result of my work, my clients amplify their performance, increase revenue, create a bulletproof success image, and burst through ceilings of limitation within 12-18 months. We all have a story to tell! What is yours? Do you have an account you often share with everyone willing to listen of how Life dealt you a lousy hand, or how your lover cheated on you, or how you lost your home, or how you lost a large sum of money? Unless we become consciously aware of the stories we tell, we are held hostage by the very story we so love to repeat! Just think for a moment. Does your story remind yourself and others of your successes and the growth in awareness you experienced, or does your account remind yourself and others of the suffering you endured and the losses you experienced? Mostly our grief and losses, right? Sure, there is room to testify how your Life changed for the better after you decided to pay more attention to your daily thoughts and actions. Still, if the story you tell is only about the unfairness in Life, you have to STOP telling that story at once! Did you know, "suffering and struggle" is a type of comfort zone? "Struggle and suffering" are comfort zones many, many people are way too comfortable in! Many people would rather cringe in pain than cross the thresh-hold of their comfort zone. It is doing the latter that will transform your reality! Ouch! Is that YOU? Let me repeat that in case you missed it: Many people would rather cringe in pain than cross the thresh-hold of their comfort zone. Sadly, people often subconsciously claim bragging rights to the severity of the struggles they endured and are pretty protective of their "suffering!" Somehow, our sad stories validate our right to be where we are; it readily forms the perfect excuse for procrastination, laziness, in-action, and lack of drive. In many cases, individuals are so protective over their negative "his-STORY" that they full-out refuse to give/ it / up! If you want to move ahead in Life and embrace the freedom to make the most of yourself, you have to do several things differently. Here are 3 things you can do to get you started:

1. STOP telling your sad, sad story. The only time that exists is the NOW, THIS very moment. The past used to be a NOW, but it is long gone by now. The FUTURE is a NOW yet to come. You could make no more significant mistake than to export your negative past to your new, untainted NOW by talking or even thinking about your adverse history, day after day. If you want to transform your Life and uplevel your success, you will have to fall out of love with your old, sad story, give it up for good and ONLY speak about the bright future awaiting you. Sure, this will take a tonne of discipline and willpower, but that, my friend, is the only way to clear your existence of suffering and struggle. You MAY be labeled as weird and stand out from the crowd if you decide to do this, but you will be OK. You are doing this for YOU, so do it! 2. Open your heart to receive. If you are eager to exchange suffering and struggle for success, wealth, and happiness, you must prepare your heart center to receive it. The story you repeated to yourself and others created a pattern, a blueprint, a program, or a paradigm in your subconscious mind over time, based on your habitual thinking and habits. Our subconscious mind runs our lives on autopilot without our active input. Therefore, if we want to get ahead in Life, we have to alter our programming. If you programmed your subconscious mind to remain stuck in the struggles of the past, you probably missed out on opportunities up to now. You may have heard people speak about this phenomenon as a BLOCKAGE. A blockage inhibits the positive in- and outflow of energy, and the sad story you told yourself, caused your heart center to turn a blind eye to opportunities and to the reception of the good things that were coming your way. As I shared with you in one of my other videos, How to Invite Success and Abundance into your Life, success and abundance do not force themselves onto people. Instead, they flow where they are invited and welcomed. Work with me now: Close your eyes for a moment. Then, put your right hand on your heart center. Please take a deep breath in and then let it out. Kindly take another deep breath in and then let it out. In your mind's eye, visualize your heart center. Please focus on the center for a while. Keep breathing. Now, silently and respectfully ask your heart center to forgive you for denying it the pleasure of receiving the goodness life has to offer. Ask your heart center to forgive you for repeatedly reciting your sad story, despite the many things you could be grateful for. Keep breathing. Stay in that moment for a while… Now, silently and gently request your heart center to open itself to receiving the goodness Life has to offer. Respectfully ask your heart center to trust Life from now on, as you actively desire to move toward greatness now. Gently thank your heart center. And slowly open your eyes. You may repeat this exercise twice daily while you endeavor to reprogram your subconscious mind to embrace the goodness coming your way. 3. Celebrate the wealth you HAVE Let's be clear. NO transformation happens overnight! Re-wiring your brain to think differently and reprogramming your subconscious mind to be success-conscious is a process. But, IF you work at it diligently, you will see a shift within a couple of weeks. Remain in the correct state of mind to keep your heart center balanced and open, to attract and spot new opportunities. I advise you to celebrate your existing wealth daily. Appreciate what you already have and stop focussing on what you lack. We often focus so heavily on what we expect the universe to deliver to us that we forget to be grateful for what was already placed right under our noses! Be grateful for your breath, every heartbeat, your health, your family, your intelligence, the slice of bread you are eating, the tarred road leading to your home, your eyesight, and HOPE! But, of course, you may think of other things as well. I have witnessed many clients transform their lives by incorporating gratitude into their daily routines. At first, the practice may feel a tad forced, but in time, you will sense how a fountain of Life wells up in you - and you will get hooked on that experience, for sure! I shall post the link to a FREE gratitude journal below for your convenience. You may download the gratitude journal if you like. Click the link below, and you will gain FREE access to it right away. Today, I shared how to outwit the #1 success suppressor: your old, sad, sad story. I advised you to let go of your story riddled with suffering and struggle. In doing so, new opportunities will begin to flow toward you in the NOW. I also emphasized the importance of being grateful for the wealth you received at birth. Do exactly what I tell you to do. If you do, you shall experience a definite shift for the better. Feel free to DM me IF you are want to have a chat about this. Also, contact me if you are ready and eager to level up and work alongside me as you transform your Life. Remember to click the link below and download your FREE gratitude journal now.



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