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How To Make Your Daily Life Better

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

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I recently received an email from a lady asking for some life advice on how she could make her daily life better, as she was going through a rough spot. So, I decided to make this post on that exact topic, as I believe there are countless numbers of people right now who have the same question!

Before I get into my 5 tips on “How To Make Your Daily Life Better.” let me tell you about a time when I had a similar question.

“God uses broken stuff”

I was at a low point in my life, and life was a constant uphill battle, with one storm hitting after another, barely giving me time or space to take a breath!

At the time, I so wished I knew what I could do to make my life better one day at a time. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work! I kept seeking ways to improve my life, but it felt like I was living in a concrete bubble that allowed no peace, harmony, happiness, or light in. I was at the point of giving up when, passing by the radio, I heard the presenter say,

“God uses broken stuff”

The words stopped me in my tracks! I heard these simple words loudly and clearly, and they shook me and touched me so profoundly that I knew it was the answer I was waiting for! It was as if something in me had finally dislodged at that moment!

I realized there was a place I had to fill! There was a purpose for my life! And I was good enough to be of service to humanity even though my confidence was shattered and my self-worth was low!

From that day onward, everything in my life shifted and improved as I took one step after another and walked out of my self-imposed prison. Indeed, this was one of the monumental pivotal points in my life! May the simple words I bring to you in this post have a similar effect on your life as the words “God uses broken stuff,” had on mine!

So, if you also desire to know how to make your daily life better, you should consider doing what I did to improve mine.

Here are my 5 tips that helped me improve my daily life:

#1 Stop Suppressing Your Truth!

The radio presenter’s words allowed me to consider and recognize that I was suppressing my sadness, brokenness, and despair at the time. The words freed me from having to pretend that all was well while it wasn’t! Those words made me realize I need not accept or settle for the situation that overwhelmed and crushed me emotionally, physically, and mentally! I could walk away from it to seek happiness instead!

If you want to make your daily life better, you must honor yourself and uncover whatever is causing your sadness and bring it into the light of your being. Suppressing your truth, ignoring it, denying it, or resisting it - only prolongs your suffering and makes your daily life unbearable.

Many people remain stuck in situations, relationships, circumstances, and environments that do not serve them simply because they fail to see the full blueprint of how their life could unfold once they leave the familiar adverse circumstances. Therefore, they accept and settle for what they don’t want, keeping themselves hostage in perpetual heartache!

Once I realized my destiny was not set in stone, the path to my freedom lit up, and I could safely move toward freedom!

#2 Change Your Focus!

Instead of remaining sad, angry, and frustrated about my situation, I started practicing gratitude! I practiced gratitude amidst the challenging circumstances, which tremendously sped up my walk to freedom!

Two prisoners were staring out of their prison cell window, and when asked what they saw out there, one replied, “nothing, only mud!” then the other prisoner replied: “funny, I see beautiful clear, blue skies and pretty flowers in the field.”

The two prisoners were in the same situation still; one focused on something totally different than what the other did! So, what do you see and focus on while you are still stuck in an undesirable environment?

I created a daily habit of practicing gratitude for the good I already had: my eyesight, my heartbeat, my ability to walk, and my ability to think! And I could see how my daily life improved in front of my eyes! I was thankful for the tiniest of shifts I spotted in my circumstances and allowed the momentum of the gratitude to build and take on a motion of its own!

So, just like the prisoner who saw beauty from his prison cell window, create a habit of focusing on what you want, love, have, and enjoy amidst your storm and watch what happens! Do it! You will thank me later!

#3 Be Of Service

While I was still in the process of making my daily life better, I got the hunch to be of service to everyone who needed my help. Previously I would sit and mope and feel sorry for myself, but serving others despite my dilemma, was a game changer for me! Wow! It worked like magic!

It was as if my service to others released a power that catapulted me in the direction I should go! It was pretty amazing to be part of it!

Sure, I was still deeply entrenched in the situation I wanted to escape, but serving others became like a life buoy that provided stability and hope and got ME unstuck! Helping others whenever I could, created the movement I required to step toward a better life!

#4 Surrender The How

I decided I would never return to that situation long before I got out of it! Let me repeat that! I decided I would never return to that situation long before I got out of it, even though I had no idea how I would ever escape it.

I surrendered the ‘how’ completely to life itself and did what I could to progress in the direction of my desire. This decision made all the difference!

A decision is always the first critical step if you want to improve your daily life! The dictionary defines a decision as “a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.” That means after proper consideration and contemplation of what I wanted to do, I concluded that I would exit that situation! And I stuck to that decision because I knew I had made an informed decision and I fully committed to it.

A proper, informed decision leaves no room for flip-flopping and rapidly changes one’s circumstances for the better!

Of course, as I said before, I saw no way out at the time; it seemed impossible, but still, I surrendered my way out in faith that the way would appear if I just kept moving!

#5 Follow Every Hunch!

We can not improve our daily lives without taking deliberate inspired action.

Once you surrendered the how in faith, you will receive hunches or prompts to do something specific, to take a particular action. Whenever you do, be sure to act immediately!

I learned to respect and work with divine timing and ended up being in the right place at the right time to receive my next clue or ride the next wave toward the better life I desired.

In Conclusion

Will it take effort to remain surrendered while you take the tiny steps toward your freedom? Sure it will. Doubts may creep in along the way but reject them the moment they do. There is no such thing as something for nothing. But as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, if you remain focused on the better daily life you seek and follow the subtle hunches, you will step into a better life in no time!

If what I shared resonated with you, feel free to join my 'Manifestation and Mindset Matters' group on Facebook - here. We would love to have and serve you as our guest!

I am Alta Nel.

Blessings to you!

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