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How to improve your self-image and level-up your results

How do you see yourself? Do you believe you are worthy of happiness, fulfillment, joy, great relationships, and abundance? Or do you see others succeed and live their dreams while you remain standing on the sideline, yearning, hoping, wishing you could have what they have! If this is you, I suspect you may be sabotaging yourself and keeping yourself from your success and prosperity!

So, what do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see, or do you never really LOOK at yourself? Sure, you see a reflection of your outer self in the mirror, a reflection of the physical image you present to yourself. But did you know you have an INNER image too? Do you know what your inner image looks like?

We all have 2 images of ourselves. We project our outer image into the world and also have an inner self-image, which most people hide from the world! Yes, that is correct; most people believe their OUTER image helps them get by in life! Therefore, they zoosh up their hairstyles, fashion, homes, and cars to tell the world how affluent or competent they are. But it is their INNER self-images that control their lives!

Are you so confident about the INNER self-image that you confidently and authentically present that person to the world? If you are, good for you! However, if you are like 98% of the population, you are secretly and silently hiding the TRUE you, the one battling with insecurities, self-doubt, low self-worth, and fear from your closest family and friends, and yourself!

I want you to realize today that we can never outperform our self-images! No amount of luck, hard work, or connections can EVER change what you experience in life and in business because your INNER self-image regulates every minute detail of your daily experience!

Dr. Maxwell Maltz described the inner self-image in the 1960's as a 'cybernetic system' that always resets itself to its original programming unless it is re-programmed. Much like a thermostat, your self-image regulates the situations, circumstances, and results of your experience.

Think for a moment! Once we set an oven's temperature to a specific heat, the thermostat allows the oven to reach the set temperature. The thermostat prevents the oven from overheating and if we leave the oven door open for too long, the thermostat immediately activates again to heat the oven to the original setting.

Our inner self-image works like a thermostat! It is programmed for specific results, income, and success levels. Although we consciously DECIDE to level up to reach new heights, our inner self-image holds us within the parameters of its programming. That is why working harder and trying harder NEVER delivers long-term results!

Did you know that your entire life will change when you decide to do the work to improve your inner self-image? For example, your income will change, your relationships will improve, and your health will change!

You may wonder what is the first step to alter your self-image? Start by studying YOU!

Get to know your authentic self! Determine what you love about yourself and pinpoint what you would like to IMPROVE. There's something phenomenal about you - discover it!

As your self-image improves, you will feel worthy of having a better job, worthy of earning more money, having more fun, and having quality friends. This new sense of worthiness will attract what you desire without fail!

You see, you are a masterpiece! Say it: 'I am a masterpiece!' Repeat it with me: 'I am a masterpiece.' Now say: 'I am God's highest form of creation!' Again, say it: 'I am God's highest form of creation!'

Recite these 2 sentences aloud to yourself, several times a day, even if you feel you do not believe it! I assure you, if you persist, you will soon believe it with all your heart! For now, dare stand up a bit straighter, make your bed a little better, tie your hair a tad neater, and stop wearing your 'holy' socks! treat yourself better! You are worth it!

Updating your self-image is the most powerful gift you can give yourself! Freeing yourself from self-sabotaging ideas and destructive thinking will change the trajectory of your life! End negative repetitive patterns for good! Cast every burden away from you and go free!

Embrace your birthright and humbly accept the goodness that has YOUR name on it! There is no glory in self-loathing! Self-loathing is NOT humility, it is stupidity! You are a marvelous human being who is meant for living a marvelous life! Own it!

Finally, my prayer is that the information I shared served you in a mighty way and that you will consider updating your self-image to transform your life and business! I am here to help you, so feel free to reach out to me.

I am Alta Nel, a high-performance mentor who helps soulful entrepreneurs and individuals upgrade their awareness and effectiveness to stand out like red lipstick by using their marvelous minds. If what I shared resonated with you, remember to like and subscribe and feel free to comment!

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