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How To Give Yourself A Permanent Confidence Boost

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

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Have you ever dreamed of being more confident? Do you sometimes look at people at work or in your industry, wondering how they do what they do so effortlessly, so boldly? Don’t they fear criticism or failure?

Oh, if you could only do what they were doing, you would probably be a millionaire, right? If you only knew how to get a permanent confidence boost, your life would change from night into day! Yup, I see ya!

Today, I will share my 2-step formula for giving your confidence a permanent makeover!

So, here’s the problem. Things do not always go as planned!

Sometimes, when things go our way, we feel confident, invincible, and unstoppable!

However, when something unforeseen happens suddenly, out of the blue, and our plan implodes, the event shakes our confidence and makes us feel like failures!

You know the feeling, right? The sense of gathering all our strength to bravely step out of our comfort zone and do something we never did before, boarding the emotional roller coaster that either takes us to our highest highs or swiftly transports us to our lowest lows!

At the highs, we are confident, invincible, and convinced we could conquer the world!

But in the deep valleys of despair, we hardly manage to put one foot in front of the other! Then, we want to cover ourselves with a blanket and lie on the couch, lamenting our misery, right?

And as you may have noticed, when our confidence and self-worth are crushed, those feelings of despair tend to linger much longer than feelings of being unstoppable does. Why does our lack of confidence stick like a leech? Why does lack of self-confidence often become a permanent personality trait? Wouldn’t it be great if we knew how to be confident, how to remain confident no matter what shows up or fails to show up in our lives?

Indeed, there are ways to give yourself a permanent confidence boost! There are things you can do to cement confidence deeply into the recesses of your mind, so much so that confidence becomes part of your identity, even in the face of adversity!

How to know if you need a confidence boost

If you experience fluctuating swings in self-confidence, highs, and lows on a fairly regular basis, you will do yourself a favor if you implement my 2 steps to give your confidence a lift!

Likewise, suppose you often experience anxiety, procrastination, guilt, discomfort, lack of motivation, or revert to making lame excuses for not executing tasks and create alibis when a matter requires immediate attention. In that case, you probably also need a self-confidence boost!

Most of my clients see the need to uplevel their self-confidence when they start working alongside me. If you feel you lack confidence, I want you to hear me when I say there is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you if you think you lack self-belief and don’t trust your abilities completely!

You cannot remove self-doubt and lack of self-confidence by chance or luck! Curbing self-doubt and lack of self-belief requires work! But, you can do it! Anyone can!

You see, we are born risk-takers! However, our experiences and the environment we grew up in either encouraged boldness as a trait or discouraged boldness!

Those of us who were not raised to be confident or got hurt along the way must deliberately construct confidence in ourselves if we desire to live confidently.

Indeed, those individuals you see who boldly do what you are afraid of doing, did the work within themselves to build courage!

2-step formula to permanently boost your confidence

Without further ado, here are my 2-step formula to permanently boost your confidence:

#1 Create A Daily Study Routine

The one thing that not only boosted my confidence, but also changed my life was developing and sticking to a daily study routine.

You might say,

“Oh, Alta, I stopped studying when I closed the last book at school!”

You may have decided to quit studying for life, but it is never too late to start learning again! You may be wondering what you should study! Well, you would benefit greatly if you started studying yourself! Indeed, you must study who you are, your feelings, behavior and habits, patterns, self-talk etc.

Then, you also need to learn how your mind works, where results come from, how to improve your results, and expand your knowledge of human potential! You may think that sound sooo boring! Who wants to study those?

Well, studying those helped me understand myself better and understand my results better; thus, I discovered a way to change the results I disliked, and it changed my life!

I have not come across anybody who failed to gain confidence in themselves and life, by studying themselves! That’s what I do for a living! I equip people with the required knowledge and tools to confidently get what they want in life!

You see, knowledge and study lead to understanding, understanding leads to faith and confidence, and faith and confidence lead to well-being, self-expression, and peace.

#2 Auto-suggest Confidence by Using Affirmations That Click

Auto-suggestion, among others, is a tool Andrew Carnegie, a philanthropist, who led the expansion of the American steel industry in the 19th century, used to become one of therichest Americans in history.

Auto-suggestions are suggestions from ourselves to ourselves, and are super powerful if we use affirmations that click.

Now, what do I mean when I say affirmations that click? Well, affirmations are powerful statements we repeat to ourselves a few times a day to reprogram our subconscious minds.

However, if the affirmations are boring and stale and do not quicken your spirit, it becomes a useless practice! Always choose affirmations that light a fire within you! If you can’t feel it - change the wording until it excites you!

Confidence Affirmations Sheet

Here is a pdf I recommend you download that contains a few self-confidence-boosting affirmations you can use to get you going.

Select affirmations that resonate with you, or write your own. Then, commit to repeating them to yourself twice daily for the next 30 days.

The constant, spaced repetition of these confidence-building affirmations will soon enter your subconscious mind. And once they do, confidence will become a habit and part of your identity!

Auto-suggest daily! And watch what happens! You’ll thank me later.


Will it take effort to give yourself a permanent confidence boost? Sure, it will require commitment and focus!

There is no such thing as something for nothing.

But as sure as spring always follows winter, if you do what I suggest, you will soon bravely and confidently step outside your comfort zone! If you do it, you will become so comfortable being uncomfortable that you will, indeed, become unstoppable!

I am Alta Nel.

Blessings to you!

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