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How to eradicate the feeling of hopelessness

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

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I don’t know about you, but I have been noticing widespread, growing despondency, lethargy, and lack of motivation in people from all over the globe! This concerns me because these people merely seem to exist and live on autopilot as they can’t see what lies beyond the next bend.

Sure, some of this unhappiness and feelings of hopelessness may come in the wake of the recent pandemic. However, countless people are stuck in hopelessness and despair for other reasons! No matter your reason, leaving your feelings of hopelessness unchecked could spiral into severe anxiety, and depression and even affect your health conditions.

Today, I want to share 3 tips on how you could take the first steps to eradicate the feelings of hopelessness.

Is it possible?

However, some of you may ask: is it even possible to rid oneself completely of feelings of hopelessness, despondency, impossibility, and depression?

Indeed, it is totally possible! Lots of people are doing it!

However, it starts with a desire and a decision to eradicate your feeling of hopelessness. And besides those, it requires definite action.

So, let me share 3 tips with you that may get you started:

My 3 tips on how to eradicate the feeling of hopelessness

Tip #1 Journaling

Voltaire said order is heaven’s first law! Journalling with intent effectively restores order to your mind rather rapidly! Penning down your thoughts and feelings regarding your setback and hopelessness helps you disentangle your confusing opinions, ideas about the situation. And writing about it, getting it out of our mind and onto paper, somehow allows us to examine our perspectives more objectively.

How will journaling be of any help? Well, journaling with intent effectively attracts new ideas and inspiration toward you, as writing causes higher thinking. Responding to the ideas and the inspiration you receive as you journal, may lead you out of the confusion caused by hopelessness.

Tip #2 Discipline Yourself

I realize discipline is the last thing you want to consider when feeling hopeless and discouraged. However, if your desire is strong enough to eradicate the feeling of hopelessness, it will require discipline.

The word “discipline” comes from the latin word “disciplina,” meaning “instruction and training.” It is derived from the root word “discere,” which means “to learn.”

If you discipline (or, as the definition of the word states, train or instruct yourself) and give yourself a command and follow it, you will slowly but surely begin moving away from the misery toward a brighter future.

Select one small action you are prepared to take daily and train yourself to complete the task, no matter what! Come rain or shine!

Perhaps you could commit to doing the dishes every day if you perhaps started neglecting doing it recently. Or you could commit to walking your partner to their car in the morning instead of staying in bed while they get ready for work. You could decide to switch your phone off at the dinner table and be more present for your loved ones after returning from work.

You may wonder:

“How Alta, how on earth would disciplining or training myself eradicate my feelings of hopelessness?”

You see, it is all about changing habits, about actively breaking negative patterns that keep you stuck! Please do it! It works if you commit to it!

Tip #3 Ignore your outside circumstances

What we focus on, we get more of! Sure, I get it. Your seemingly hopeless situation after your setback is not easy to cope with. It unleashes many emotions, such as fear, self-doubt, anger, sadness, and anxiety. However, if you continue overthinking your current circumstances, you will create a continuous loop of negativity that will keep you stuck even longer.

So, what you must do – even if it feels extremely difficult right now – is to ignore your undesirable outside circumstances as much as possible, for as long as possible, even if it is for only an hour or two per day. Giving no energy to your hopeless situation will shift the intensity of the hopelessness fast!

This means taking your mind off the situation by actively engaging your mind with something else. Of course, you can engage in physical exercise, which is a good option, if the routine requires mindfulness, such as martial arts. However, activities you can do on auto-pilot, without the need to concentrate or focus, will be less effective as it allows the mind too much freedom to wander back to your problems. Creative hobbies that require creative thinking also help tremendously to divert your attention.

Not Denial

Please note that I am not talking about denial here! The idea is not to pretend that you do not have a problem! The idea is to avoid over-contemplating your predicament so you can focus on receiving the answer, the solution to your situation, and then implementing the solution!


You gotta get to the root cause of your feelings of hopelessness and resolve it. By following my easy tips, you will open yourself to receiving the ideas and inspiration you need to solve the problem.

Will it take effort to free yourself from feelings of hopelessness? Sure it will. It is way easier to blame life and others, remain stuck, and do nothing about our negative situations than to take responsibility to heal and restore ourselves.

However, if you start journaling, give yourself a command, and persistently ignore your outside circumstances, you will soon move toward happiness and freedom!

I am Alta Nel.

Blessings to you!

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