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Are you living the life you should - or the life you want?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

There is a big difference between living your truth and living the life other people want you to live!

Sheila, a newly appointed Chartered Accountant, excelled at her studies throughout uni and excelled while doing her articles at the Auditing Firm. However, even though she has just reached the summit after 7 years of intense studies and articles, she feels frustrated, disappointed, and unhappy! How could this be, you might ask.

You see, Sheila always dreamed of becoming a medical doctor, but her parents discouraged her. Instead, they wanted her to enter the business world, where she would be safe and not exposed to sickness and disease daily.

Sheila graciously obeyed her loving parents, who only meant well, and she continued her accountancy studies as her parents suggested. She excelled at everything! She gave it her all.

Sadly, as a newly recognized Chartered Accountant, Sheila feels unfulfilled, unhappy. In the last couple of years, all her efforts could not quench the fire in her belly for becoming a medical doctor.

When we give up on what we really want in life, we tend to fall out of love with ourselves, and our whole world tumbles and falls to pieces.

Send me a message if you want to talk about how you want to start living the life you want. It is never too late, you know!

Allow me to show you how our 6-month "Thinking into Results" live coaching program can serve you.

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