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Are you attracting people who ALWAYS TAKE from you? Would you like to break that negative pattern?

There are several reasons why this pattern got its footing in your life: Perhaps you were raised in a home where YOU were blamed when things went wrong; Perhaps YOU were held responsible whenever someone in your home was angry, disappointed, and failed to take responsibility for their actions. Such an environment is not ideal for any young child and may have left you feeling lonely and, sadly, most of the time. These circumstances most likely taught you to develop creative ways to avoid the pain and protect yourself from rejection, disapproval, and withdrawal by denying yourself and overcompensating for others' needs. In doing so, you not only minimized your pain but also secured the love and acceptance of those who had authority over you. As a result, this status quo conditioned you to take greater responsibility for their feelings than for your own. Later you may even have experienced feelings of guilt and shame when you failed to keep them happy and content. If you still find yourself in relationships with people who always TAKE from you and rarely GIVE to you, it may be time to face the facts. No one ever has control over the way others feel and act toward you. None of us can force someone to be respectful and loving toward us as their behavior stems from their hurt, abandonment, and lack of compassion for themselves and others.

Suppose you want to break the negative pattern of attracting people who only use you and take advantage of you; you will have to go through the motions of doing deep inner healing work required to re-program your subconscious mind.

You will have to uncover and uproot your self-limiting beliefs, develop a new self-image, and rewire your brain with positive affirmations and a positive mindset focused on your future instead of your broken past. In time, you will set yourself up to attract caring, loving, and fulfilling relationships.

This is precisely our deep work in our 3 - month, "The Metamorphosis System" coaching program. By the end of 3 months, you will need binoculars to see how far you have come. If you do not do the correct deep, inner transformational healing work, you will most likely continue to attract people and partners who continue to take from you. Until you decide to free yourself from the DUTY to manage OTHER people's feelings, the sooner you will be capable and free to heal your life.

If YOU want to transform your life and results, email Alta at if you want more information.


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