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Are you always looking for a sign?

Are you always looking for a sign? Or even a shinier-looking sign than the sign you already received to confirm before you take the plunge? I see you!

I also used to be super afraid of making the wrong choices!

I would think thoughts like:

"What if the time wasn't right?"

"What if I was acting in my own strength?"

"What if the plan didn't work as well for me as it worked for others?", or

"What if I thought I knew what my purpose was but had it all wrong!"

I had the habit of endlessly waiting for crystal clear signs before making any decisions!

In fact, I either waited and waited until things got really, really 'bad,'


I would push the limits and try to postpone the inevitable until I couldn't take it anymore.

As a result - I MISSED OUT!

Time flew by, and before I knew it, I was 40 years old, with nothing to show for it.

The habit of indecision cost me dearly! As my mentor always says: "Indecision is also a decision." I realized I handed control over to others through my indecision...

You see, I used to fear stepping into my purpose, my power, so intensely that it resulted in me taking zero to little action!

Instead, I was more comfortable waiting for and accepting what I thought the UNIVERSE thought I was worthy of. I spent days, weeks, months, and YEARS waiting to ponder whether I would ever be officially released into my purpose!

You see, there was a fire in my belly, a calling I wanted to fulfill! The calling was loud and clear! I knew I wanted to help people, but I was quietly waiting for a sign, a prompting, the formal permission to live my passion.

I recall a day when I felt the fire in my belly, my passion well up in my spirit with such force that I thought I was going to explode! I asked a person I thought would have the answer to what I should do about it. Sadly, he gave me the wrong answer. (It NEVER helps to ask someone's advice who has NO idea what you are talking about!) He told me to WAIT! So I waited.

Oh my, I wasted so much time doubting, wondering, and waiting! I should NOT have waited! I should have ACTED and done my thing!

It was only later that I learned:

I needed no one's approval to step into my purpose!

There was NO ONE out there who would one day open the door of my self-imposed prison and set me free to do my thing!

I had the power to make the call, decide, and do what my heart yearned to do!

But heck, I didn't know how to make my own decisions! We never learned decision-making in school, you know! Our parents made decisions for us from a young age; then, teachers told us NOT to think for ourselves, and if you married 30 years ago as I did, husbands were the decision-makers! Being an adult does not mean we can effectively run our lives, especially when it comes to independent, individual decision-making.

I have since discovered:

There is immense power in a decision made.

I could have stepped into my calling years ago IF I knew and understood that I needed nobody's permission to do so!

The universe is eager to give us whatever we desire when we are clear and direct in our asking.

I also learned:

There is no such thing as something for nothing,


Self-image is EVERYTHING!

If you identify with what I was sharing and this resonates with YOU, I suggest you take action immediately! Do NOT waste any time. Follow your heart! Live your purpose! NOW! I will NEVER tell ANYONE to wait for a sign! The desire IS your sign! Time flies by too quickly! Do your thing.

If you say, sure, Alta, but I am stuck? I suggest you get yourself unstuck. The thing is, sooner or later, you too will have to DECIDE to get unstuck and move forward - despite what your friends might think, despite what your community may dictate, despite what your programming dictates!

Your magic lies within! And your magic is meant to be turned inside-out, so the whole world can stop and drink from your fountain of life!

Look, you don't have to feel guilty for wanting to live more!. It is NOT selfish to dream about one day fulfilling your dream!

The fact that people around you do not have similar dreams or aspirations as you do, is none of your business - it is theirs! The reality that maybe no one in your family ever did something meaningful with their lives does not mean YOU shouldn't live a meaningful life!

Don't allow their decision to stay average, rob you of YOUR dream! NO one is coming to unlock your prison door – YOU must do it! YOU must open it! There is no handle on the outside - You must open it from the inside! Get up NOW and open it! Do it! NOW!

All I am suggesting is that you make yourself your business! And then MIND your own business! What if you could indeed enjoy what you desired?

Are you still looking for a sign that it is time to MOVE on your dreams and ambitions?

Then this is it! You must quit wasting time! Move! There is NO better time nor season to get going! Life is NOT waiting for you!

If you found this post valuable, kindly share it with someone who also needs to hear this!

Let's hop on a call and discover how I can help you end your hamster wheel ride.


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