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Always the bride's maid, and never the bride?

Always the bride's maid, and never the bride? Are you always the runner-up but never the winner? Wanna smash this repetitive pattern to pieces for good?

So, you are stuck on a performance plateau, but you are sooo over it! You wanna soar! You see other entrepreneurs in your field, killing it, and reaching instant success, while you struggle to find your gap in the market.

Firstly, note you should not believe everything people say on social media! Most likely, your competitors also found it challenging to get their feet in the doors! By now, it may seem as their success is automatic, and it might well be, but it surely didn't start like that!

Secondly, those entrepreneurs also experience frustration and face the same fear you are confronted with. Of course, everything is not plain sailing, but they know how to steer around obstacles, disappointment, and failure.

I suggest you do the following to help you move forward:

  1. Take your eyes off your competitors' actions and results.

  2. Tap into your creative power and stop competing!

  3. Refrain from checking your results and progress too often, as that would not help your business grow faster, anyway. For example, when traveling from Australia to Canada, you won't check how far you have traveled right after take-off, would you? No, you would sit around and relax, read, sleep or watch movies to pass the time, as you know you will reach your destination in x number of hours. Just focus on what you need to do to get there - wherever "there" is!

  4. Hire mentors – your competitors are most likely being coached into success; you are just unaware of it! Successful entrepreneurs invest in themselves, and most of us hire a business coach, a mindset mentor, and a marketing coach simultaneously! Top entrepreneurs know where we want to take our businesses; therefore, we invest in ourselves first. Dynamic business owners know they won't reach phenomenal heights without a team behind them! Just think about the teams top professional tennis players like Federer or Djokovic have! They do not try to get to the top of their game all by themselves! They absolutely rely on their team.

  5. Update your paradigm and learn to think like 1% of the population think, so you can also execute as the 1%’ers do.

  6. Trust the law of cause and effect to deliver your bountiful harvest based on your sown seeds. Please note: to expect a harvest, you must have planted relevant seeds! What seeds are you planting daily?

I am Alta Nel, a hi-performance mentor who helps entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, or business owners stand out like red lipstick by using their marvelous minds.

Why not turn your Impossible into I'mPossible starting today?

Remember, you are amazing!

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