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4 Reasons why the Law of Attraction Is Not Working For You

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So you have a vision board, know what you want, use several abundance affirmations daily, and script your desires several times per day with hope and expectation, but still, your manifestation has not shown up! No matter what you do and how diligent you are, you remain blocked beneath a concrete ceiling that prevents your good from flowing to you.

In this post, I will share 4 reasons why the law of attraction is not working for you.

# 1 Lack of faith in the law of attraction

The first part of the answer to why the law of attraction is not working for you is to get your fundamental belief about the LOA in order.

Please note: there is nothing you can do to deserve, activate or impress the universe to allow the law of attraction to work for you!

Instead, accept the truth that the law of attraction is always at work in your life, whether you believe it or not, whether you work with it or not, or whether you reject the idea that it works 24/7!

You see, the universe runs on predetermined laws, and the sooner we accept these natural laws and get in harmony with them, the faster we can transform our lives!

Like the other natural laws, the law of attraction is impartial and delivers to everyone according to their dominant thoughts and vibration. The law of attraction always gives to everyone according to their ask! So when we ask, it is always given!

Listen, you are already a master at manifestation! Like it or not, the law of attraction already delivers what you ordered! The trick is to let the universe know what you really want and then believe that the LOA will help you get it!

#2 Allowing outside circumstances to steal the show

When it comes to attracting what we want, it is essential not to allow our outer circumstances to steal our focus and joy, or trash our faith that what we desire will manifest!

When you allow your outer circumstances, i.e., your debt, your loneliness, your present home or your current job, or whatever you wish to exchange for something better, to dictate what you feel, you are unknowingly blocking your good! You see, giving any attention to what you don't want, instantly lowers your vibration, and throws you out of harmony with your desire!

Indeed, the law of attraction is secondary to the primary law, which is the law of vibration!

Therefore, if your vibration is out of alignment with your goal or desire, you will attract more of what you don't want into your life!

#3 Let go of the HOW

If you wonder why the law of attraction does not deliver what you want, like clockwork, it might be because you are stuck in the how. You wonder how you will ever attract a soul mate when you are so new in town. Or how you will ever receive the $50 000 you want, if you do not have a wealthy uncle whom you can inherit from soon! Or how you will ever become a multi-millionaire if you have so much debt to clear and barely ever receive a bonus at work!

The trick is to detach yourself completely from the process and the outcome. How what you desire will come to you is none of your business! You gotta leave that to God to figure out! Your job is to ask, to believe, and to receive! That is it! If you try to manipulate how your desire will manifest in your life, you will get caught up in the mechanics of manifestation instead of staying in the spirit of things and, therefore, certainly mess up the process! So stay out of it! Completely!

#4 Failure to take ACTION!

There is no such thing as something for nothing! But, unfortunately, most people discard the law of attraction because they misunderstand this fundamental truth – that you must take action so the universe can respond with an equal and opposite reaction! You cannot place your order and sit and wait for it to manifest without taking action - inspired action, based on the guidance your intuition provides!

To be in the right place at the right time to receive what you ordered, depends wholly on your willingness and openness to receive hunches and act upon them immediately! Missing those prompts to take a specific action is a prominent reason why people fail to manifest what they desire.


No power in the universe can keep you from receiving your good! What is rightfully yours is yours, but you must remember the 4 reasons why the law of attraction does not deliver what you want if you want your good to flow to you, i.e., # 1 accept the law of attraction as real, #2 don't allow outside circumstances to distract you #3 let go of the how, and #4 take inspired action!

Remember, you are God's highest form of creation, and he delights himself as any good father to give his children whatever their hearts desire. Accept this as true. Imprint this into the deep recesses of your mind, and never forget it. Believe it, live by it, and watch what happens!

This information changed my life and is changing the lives of my clients as we speak! So drop me a comment, or click the link in the description, if you desire to step boldly into your divine right to thrive!

I am Alta Nel.

Blessings to you!

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