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3 Truths To Make Sense Of and Navigate Victoriously Through Your Setback

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Life is tough! You suffered a personal or professional setback and are struggling to gain stability. You experience life as a constant struggle, an uphill battle you cannot conquer! You are forever wondering why you are even here! Were you really born for this type of life? Why do other people live carefree while you are always down and out?

Perhaps you wonder whether you have a tonne of lousy karma to burn! Or maybe you fear you are under some horrible curse! Perhaps you wonder whether you are being punished for your sins! Whoa, stop it right there! In this post, I will share 3 truths to make sense of and navigate victoriously through your setback.

Why am I being punished?

I get it. Life is tough! And when someone has suffered the number of setbacks you have, it is nothing short of heartbreaking. However, I understand why you believe you are being punished and chastised!

Unfortunately, most people in your situation think the same, which is precisely why they remain stuck in despair, hopelessness, and unfulfillment for months or even years! That is why many people give up the fight and settle for what they think they can be, do or have instead of setting sail toward what they really want!

Indeed most people look at the chasm, the massive gap between where they are and where they would ideally be, and give up at the sight of the gap they need to close if they want to succeed. Hence, the overwhelm they experience when they look at the distance they need to travel to close the massive gap freezes them up, and they never even try finding ways to approach it.

I get it! I have had my share of setbacks, disappointments, and uphill battles! Unfortunately, I still have those from time to time. But where I previously used setbacks as lame excuses to live an average, uninspired and aimless life, I learned to use setbacks as beacons, as pointers to direct me on my path.

Here are 3 truths to help you make sense of and navigate victoriously through your setback.

#1 Let go of the belief that you are doomed

The first step is to reject the idea that life is punishing you! Reject that idea time after time until you never entertain that thought again. Life is not out to get you!

You are God's highest form of creation, and your spiritual DNA is perfect! You may have made mistakes before, but despite those mistakes, your spirit is always for expansion and fuller expression. Believe it and remind yourself of this truth several times per day!

Altogether ditch the limiting belief that you are forgotten, abandoned, and lost and replace the idea with the truth that you are supported and sustained all the days of your life!

#2 Understand the Law of Rhythm

"The Law of Rhythm states that everything in our universe is cyclical, and change is always around the corner. This law controls the steady process of moving in and out of various phases in life."

This means that the law of rhythm governs the movement of the planets in their orbit; it ensures that Spring always follows winter, high tide always follows low tide, and every downswing has an upswing! Nothing remains down unless it died!

This law explains why you will not feel good all the time; no one does. It explains why things won't always go your way, either! Knowing this going forward means you should never settle for less than what you really want just because you suffered a setback or two, or feel sad and depressed at times, or things don't seem to move in your favor!

Never give up on yourself or your dream while on the downswing! The setbacks you are experiencing will only continue into the upswing that's coming if you accept defeat and quit while on the downswing!

Getting in harmony with the law of rhythm will give you the push, the lift you need to arise from the ashes and soar -100% guaranteed - if you use your time in the low tide preparing for the next high tide, the next upswing, that is on its way by law!

#3 Actively strive to discover your Purpose

The law of rhythm controls the seasons, the good times, and bad times, and nobody escapes the working of the law! However, if rogue waves from the ocean of life repeatedly throw you topsy-turvy and leave you gasping for air, your spirit may prompt you to wake up, level up, and step into your purpose!

Your setbacks may be the wake-up call you must answer! But, until you answer the call and respond to the push and the pull, setbacks will bombard you if you are not listening, especially if you are being called to enter your preparation phase!

Indeed, there is a place you are to fill that no one else can fill! And there is a season sure to come, where you will be released into your purpose as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow; if you care to discover and prepare for your release, I must add!

Indeed, not everyone knows what their purpose is at a young age! Some people do, but many people don't! And that is ok! The fact that you haven't discovered your purpose yet, does not mean you do not have a purpose! And, not knowing why you are here does not give you a reason to give up on yourself! Quite to the contrary! Make it your aim to find your purpose asap!


Experiencing life as a constant struggle, an uphill battle you can not conquer, is never pleasant! So it is pretty normal to wonder why you are here after being hit with one setback after another! However, it is also inevitable to wonder what you are doing wrong when you see others having the time of their lives!

I have learned every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal and opposite opportunity if we only dare look at life through a different lens!

You could undoubtedly navigate victoriously through your current setback if you ditch the limiting belief that your setbacks are punishment for your "sins" or signs that you are doomed for life!

Knowing about the law of rhythm and harmonizing with it guarantees your escape from the devastating low tide you are currently experiencing if you deliberately prepare for the next high tide that is on its way, by law!

The only way you can remain stuck in the effects of your low tide while in the high tide is if you have not prepared to make hay while the sun shines!

Also, continuously suffering setbacks could be your invitation, your wake-up call to start prepping for living your purpose.

You will find links in the description you can use to get hold of me if you want to work alongside me to navigate your setbacks and discover or prepare for your life purpose. Nothing in your life will change unless you change your lens!

I am Alta Nel.

Blessings to you!

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