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3 Tips To Ease Debilitating Confusion After A Setback

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

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Your most recent professional or personal setback dropped you on the wrong side of the river of life! You are struggling to stay afloat, and you are finding it hard to find solid ground and some form of stability amidst the emotional and mental turmoil and confusion.

You wonder why your life is such an uphill battle? Why are you experiencing such setbacks? You are a good person. You are trying your best! So why are all these negative things only happening on your side of the river?

I know how feeling lost, devastated, hopeless, neglected, and abandoned affects our thinking! I know it is not easy when situational depression, anxiety, fear, and sadness run rampant despite our best efforts. And I also know how difficult it is to see past the confusion when people on the other side of the same river have it all and enjoy the good life you seek!

I see you. Here are 3 tips that may help ease your debilitating confusion:

Tip #1 Demand at least ONE positive action from yourself daily

I know your crisis is real, preoccupies your mind, and smothers you in fear. Still, unless you force yourself to take at least one positive action that moves you forward every day, the mental fog, the blur, confusion, and inaction will only increase and cause even more significant problems.

Ultimately, you will get out of your predicament one step at a time! so start by taking one small step every day! Over time each additional step you take will add up to 10 steps, then 30, 60, and 90, and before you know it, you will have made significant progress!

You are not a failure! You are only a failure when you stop trying! When you stop moving forward! Nothing can defeat you if you refuse your setback to overtake you! You have everything you need to succeed within you. So dare to utilize your innate greatness as you ARE God’s highest form of creation!

Get up! Fight back! Conquer!

Tip #2 Unleash your will to survive and thrive

We all have a will. Will is one of our higher mental faculties that may be highly developed in some people and underdeveloped in others. Indeed, we all have the same potential to have a highly developed will if we put our minds to it.

You also have an innate desire to survive and overcome. If you combine these two, your will and your innate desire to survive, you will tap into a superpower by which you can accomplish anything!

Apply will power, not only to overcome and survive your current challenging situation, but to thrive despite the setbacks you encounter! And you will soon experience how fast closed doors will fling open before you, and how brilliant ideas on how to bounce back, or better yet, to bounce forward, will start revealing themselves to you.

Tip #3 Take comfort in the natural law of rhythm

The natural law of rhythm states, “Everything flows, everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

Sure, your devastating setback ushered in a low tide, a fall of some sort, and just like a low tide reveals the horrors of the coastline and lays bare the rocks and the hidden realities, so our setbacks show areas in our lives that need our attention. A setback may teach us a lesson about faith, the need to grow awareness, take more responsibility for our choices, or appreciate life more, whatever the case may be.

However, the law of rhythm promises that high tide always follows low tide; good times always follow bad times! So after every fall, we can get up! After every setback, you can get ahead!

If you learn to embrace this law while suffering a setback, you can rest assured, trust, and know that your low tide shall pass!

Indeed, when you are at your lowest low, you can find comfort in knowing that the wheels of life always turn. Once you understand The Law of Rhythm, you can start living harmoniously with it and use your low tide to prepare for the high tide that is on its way - on its way, by law!

Most people do not know how to cooperate with this natural law and often remain stuck in the effects of low tide even though the tide may have turned in their favor a long time ago, simply because they were caught off guard, unprepared, and ignorant of this law! If you do your part while on the downswing of life’s pendulum, you will be ready to rise to new heights in harmony with the upswing that is on its way!


Demanding at least one positive action from yourself daily, unleashing your will to survive and thrive, and finding comfort in the natural law of rhythm will go a long way to get you back on your feet in this river of life!

Once you straighten out the confusion by demanding yourself to arise and bounce forward, the raging river will settle down, allowing you a massive opportunity for growth!

Remember, the setback wasn’t supposed to break you down and leave you struggling for your next breath! It was meant to help you reach for more! For growth, greater awareness, and new direction, so you too may reach the other side of the river!

I am Alta Nel.

Blessings to you!

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