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Join the Millionaire Mindset Study Group with Alta Nel mindset and self-image coach at paradigm life coaching dubai
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The Millionaire Mindset Study Group


Join The Study Group On ZOOM

Subscription at $10 per month


To change your life, you must commit to regular study. 

JUMP @ the opportunity to join the 'Millionaire Mindset Study Group' where like-minded individuals study together to create a winner's mindset! 
Join our weekly LIVE ZOOM meetings when we mastermind monumental works on wealth creation and personal achievement, such as 'Think and Grow Rich' and the 'Science of Getting Rich'  and others.
The ONLY way a person can remain focused on their life purpose and goals, is to hold themselves accountable for the success they desire. Continuous study leads to understanding and understanding leads to belief, faith, and a knowing that what you desire shall come to pass.

Regular study of the suitable material fuels desire, commitment and persistence! 

You need this!
You cannot do it on your own - no one can!


If you desire to live a remarkable life, you must commit to your dream!

Therefore, surround yourself with a tribe that has your back. 

For a mere $10 per month, you will acquire access to phenomenal discussions and perspectives with people on a similar journey.

Sign up NOW to share your insights with the group while effortlessly widening your outlook and awareness. 
The insightful group discussions on the books provide new insights and perspectives that amplify growth and increase, spur new ideas.

By the mere act of masterminding around the worthy topic of success, wealth creation, and mindset you can see a remarkable improvement in your life, relationships, and circumstances.

Try It!  

Click The Link To Join The Study Group Below

Join Like-Minded Individuals As We Study The Secrets Of Success And Personal Achievement!

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