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Book your Couples Relationship Coaching session with Alta Nel mindset and self-image coach at paradigm life coaching dubai
Relationships Coaching Sessions: Services

Relationship Coaching For Couples

For Couples Who Are Committed To  Strengthen Or Rescue Their Relationships

$350 for a 120-minute joint couples coaching session

Has Your Relationship Lost Its Spark?

Are You Committed To Giving Your Love Another Chance? 

You Can Do It! 

  • You married the love of your life but the relationship is under severe strain.

  • You are engaged to your soul mate but you have issues you can't seem to resolve. 

  • You are living with your life partner, whom you love with all your heart, but you are currently disconnected and on different pages.

  • You discussed the possibility of separating just to end the pattern of countless misunderstandings, but deep down you know you were meant to be.

  • This is your second/third marriage and you see the repetition of the previous marriages patterns and it freaks you out!  


You know you need help. 

 You doubt whether you were ever meant to have a solid, loving relationship!



I understand how heartbreaking, frustrating, and devastating the strain on a relationship can be!

You can't think straight. You are angry, sad, fed-up, concerned about losing the person you hoped and promised to share your life with - forever.

Still, it all seems to be falling apart! 

Sadly, your never-ending emotional roller coaster only causes more confusion!  

You asked yourself a million times if you should not take the plunge, walk away from the relationship, and start over -somewhere.


But something inside you urges you not to give up the fight. 


  • When you ask your friends what you should do, they tell you what a good match and power couple you are!

  • When you ask your family, they remember how they never thought you were a great match.

  • When you look at your partner you know there must be a way to overcome the issues. 

You used to share a deep love for each other.

You shared many memories and experiences!

How could you turn your back on it?  


Then again, you even hate each other a little. When you disagree you can't stand being in the same room with each other!  


You are clearly out of touch with each other. If only you could talk about the issues and ignite the old spark! 

Both of you want to make things right!  

  • Maybe the responsibility of raising the kids and juggling a job has taken its toll on your love life.

  • Maybe your relationship is in a scary downward spiral, and do you want to save it before it is too late?

  • Perhaps one or both of you made a mistake and are ridden with guilt and shame?

  • Perhaps your busy lives caused you to stop communicating a long time ago. 

What if you COULD get back on track?

What if there was a way to restore your relationship's magic?

If any of these struggles resonate with you, you are in the right place at the perfect time.

I work with this every day of my life! I believe in miracles and I believe you CAN rediscover each other and save your relationship!



I have seen couples save their relationships many times!


If they could do it, so can you!  

  • Will it take commitment and focus to do the relationship recovery work? -For sure.

  • Will you have to commit to respecting each others' pain? -Oh yes.

  • Will you have to change your behavior and thinking? -100%

  • Is there hope? -Absolutely! 

Book your 'Couple's Coaching Session' with me if you are both committed to doing the work to repair the damage and heal the pain you are both trying to deal with every day.


Couple sessions are suitable for life partners, married couples, and engaged couples experiencing challenges committed to resolving their issues.

Click On The Pink 'Book Our Consultation!' Button Below To Schedule Your Session. 

Book a COUPLE'S Life Coaching Session With Alta
Before It Is Too Late!

Click below to select a 120-minute consultation slot in Alta's calendar at a time that suits both of you best. 

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