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Join the early morning Clarion Call with Alta Nel mindset and self-image coach at paradigm life coaching dubai
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Join the early morning Clarion Call with Alta Nel mindset and self-image coach at paradigm life coaching dubai
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The Clarion Call Study Group

The Clarion Call Will Help You....

  • Set the tone for your day to be more focused and productive

  • Build greater self-worth and self-confidence

  • Level-Up your life: business, income, relationships, and mindset

  • Shift from survivor to thriver

  • Improve your habitual way of thinking 

  • Discover your purpose and do what you love

  • Reduce stress and increase productivity, grow your passion, pinpoint your focus

  • Develop peace of mind and explore personal freedom

  • Set worthy goals and reach your full potential

  • Raise your standards in all facets of your life

  • Reach personal and professional success, wealth, and happiness

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What Is The Clarion Call?

The Clarion Call is an urgent call to take action toward change in your life. Most people have little time for themselves during their normal day and that's why the squad meets every day at 5 am (GMT+2) on weekdays. During the 30-minute Zoom meeting, we re-MIND ourselves for constant growth, success, abundance, and so much more!  

Who Attends The Clarion Call?

The Clarion Call squad members are typically adults aged 40+.


These individuals come from all walks of life and are interested in personal development and in developing a growth mindset.


The ideal squad member is a regular attendee and is committed to leveling up their results, improving their performance or sales, increasing confidence, and updating their circumstances and relationships.


What The Clarion Call Offers

  • We endeavor to inspire, encourage and motivate through the reading of books, discussions, mindset coaching, and accountability measures in a thought-provoking group call every weekday morning.

  • The community exists of individuals and couples from different walks of life, but who are committed to improving their lives one thought at a time. 

  • Each member is committed to their personal development and growth. 

  • Every individual or couple who wants to join our diverse, phenomenal community may come as they are and at whatever level of self-actualization, they are. 

  • We respect each other and give each other the space to grow at their own rate. 


We  Are One!


As A Result Of Joining And Actively Participating In the Group,  Members Can Expect To: 

  • Transform from drifter to a person who lives their life on purpose

  • Learn how to work with the natural laws of our planet

  • Reap the benefits of living in harmony with what you desire

  • Gain access to skills to rescue your relationship/marriage

  • Learn how to groom your children to embrace their individuality 

  • Experience emotional healing after your bad break-up or divorce

  • End depression and procrastination

  • Acquire a renewed passion for life

  • Increase your faith and grow  spiritually

  • Increase your confidence

  • Learn how to create exponential growth in your business and sales performance

  • Meet new caring, like-minded friends in our community

  • Become empowered to end substance abuse

  • Update your self-image

  • Create a new money paradigm


Your Participation Will Also Give You Access To... 

  • A daily Zoom call facilitated a certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Founder of Paradigm Life Coaching, Millionaire Mindset Study Group, and The Clarion Call 5 AM Study Group.  

  • Daily reading sessions and discussions focused on personal and professional development

  • Exclusive access to a private WhatsApp group chat, the members-only Clarion Call Facebook Group, special events, and recordings of previous calls

  • Incredible support and accountability from the Clarion Call  community

  • Front-row access to our coaching programs, retreats, and, webinars, seminars , and workshops

Click The Link To Join The Clarion Call Study Club Below

Join Like-Minded Individuals As We Study The Secrets Of Success And Personal Achievement!

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