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Alta Nel mindset and self-image coach at paradigm life coaching dubai

Alta Nel

Multi-6-figure lifestyle transformation & business mentor

Alta Nel is a leading expert in the field of personal development and has 30+ years of experience as an expert mindset coach, success facilitator, NLP practitioner, Reiki Master, and Life Coach. She is passionate about serving women and couples who are eager to make quantum leaps in their finances, career, business, and/or relationships.


Alta has studied and applied the Law of Attraction, manifestation & the power of the subconscious mind successfully and always brings the best information in a condensed form, so you can easily apply it and change your results forever! 

Alta's mission and life purpose are to set the downtrodden free! She loves guiding sad and struggling women to bounce forward utilizing ancient wisdom, the energy healing practices, universal laws, spirituality, paradigm-busting, and identity shifting, and subconscious reprogramming because there is an invisible side to happiness, abundance, and success!

As a result of her work, students update their self-images, gain confidence, reprogram their paradigms, and open the doors to unlimited success and abundance that they never imagined in their wildest dreams! 

Book a call with Alta right now and change the trajectory of your life forever! 

Unlike popular belief: Your success is absolutely guaranteed.

About Me: About Me
Alta Nel mindset and self-image coach at paradigm life coaching dubai


I had my fair share...

I am Alta Nel, and I have been working in the personal development space for more than 30 years. 

I have served dozens, and dozens of people who lost their way, had deep emotional scars, suffered the loss of loved ones, lost pets, lost their jobs, were retrenched, lost clarity, and lacked purpose and direction, including addicts, ex-convicts, and suicidal individuals. I also served dozens and dozens of people who went through bad breakups and divorces. And I was privileged to save multiple marriages that were on the rocks! 

Oh, and I luvvvv dogs! I have two gorgeous pups that are my life and joy! 

A fun fact about me is that I previously TRAINED neglected and traumatized dogs. 

To most of them, MY training was their LAST chance to ESCAPE euthanasia! Luckily, MOST of their lives were spared as they responded exceptionally well to the leadership, direction, loving care, understanding, and the tad of tough love I offered. Oh, the stories I can tell!  

Throughout my life, I suffered my own share of loss, abuse, rejection, and abandonment. 
Growing up, I was the family's outcast within a dysfunctional household. I found it challenging to shed the deep-rooted belief that I was an adopted child, even though it was not the case. 

In later years.


I suffered intense anxiety when my husband lost his job three times due to restructuring. As a result, we lost our dream home; I lost my brand-new car, and then, I also lost my father, to whom I was very close.
Over the years, all the pain, sorrow, and heartache piled up and piled up and piled up and eventually caught up with me and caused me to lose myself along the way.


The good news is I learned how to CHANNEL the pain of all these experiences, all the sorrow, the rejection, the abandonment, abuse, anxiety, and grief into CREATIVE WAYS to bounce BACK and ARISE from the ashes. 

But it was NOT good enough to return to the SAME VULNERABLE PLACE! I wanted to create a MEANINGFUL CHANGE FROM A NEW place. Therefore, I had to find a way to bounce forward and discover how to learn, adapt, and apply new skills. 

The method I developed is called the 'Bounce4Ward'- method and it had guided and served countless individuals and couples who grieving, depressed, and lost individuals, and I started APPLYING those more consistently with new clients UNTIL I perfected the process.

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